January 28 birthday astrology aquarius

In addition, you are too generous when it comes to extending yourself to others financially. Those of you who have a birthdate of January 28 tend to become loners as you get older. It would seem that retirement takes on a completely new meaning. You may use this time to meditate or get in touch with the spiritual you. Without interference from others, you can accomplish the reinvention that is necessary to complete the next phase of your life. In short, Aquarius, you are friendly, honest and you make a great spouse.

Jan. 28: Your lookahead horoscope

On the other hand, you can be contrary and unpredictable. Although life presents us a certain amount of risk, intelligent decisions will place limits on making improper choices. However, those with January 28 birthday, your opinions are mostly logical and based upon experience. If there is one aspect in which January 28 people display a strong competitive streak, it is in relationships. This mild antagonism is also part of their romantic nature. They feel the need to push the boundaries of the relationship, initiating a spirit of "me too-ism" that can sound the death knell to even the most rewarding union.

January 28 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

It is likely the competitive nature of people born on January 28 has its roots in childhood. Because of their insecurities and sensitivities, they are gentle with their children. They understand the negative role played by stress in the life of a child, and they try to shield their youngsters from it. January 28 individuals have a talent for seeing the analytical side of things.

January 28 Zodiac

They have an affinity for math, science, and music and may find a rewarding career in these fields. They also show great skill with languages. Since they have a reputation for frequent career changes, their earning potential is always in flux. If January 28 individuals develop good health habits early, they keep them all their lives. They are stubborn. Being able to compartmentalize their emotions can be a big factor in helping them maintain health.

They prefer to take life as it comes, no matter the consequences. They are curious about life, and that keeps them interested. This decan is influenced by the planet Uranus. Those born under this influence combine the resourcefulness and altruism of Aquarius with the original and inquisitive nature of Uranus.

This decan is known to magnify all the positive and negative characteristics of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Scientists have found that being rich and famous may all be down to having a certain star sign - Aquarius. Sampling a random selection of people from all backgrounds and careers throughout history, researchers at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff showed that the zodiac sign Aquarius was the most often associated with being rich and famous.

The sample included actors, actresses, icons as well as politicians, natural scientists, social scientists, authors and social workers for whom birth dates were known. Being born between January 20 and February 18 was found to be the window when babies were more likely to become celebrities. Ashton Kutcher pictured is an Aquarius. Scientists say people born in this zodiac sign are more likely to be rich and famous. The size of the random sample, which started at , was then expanded to and , and the same correlation between star sign and fame remained unchanged.

While the study did not look at what traits made Aquarians more likely to become famous, there are plenty of theories as to why the connection exists. According to an article in Vice Broadly, Aquarians are 'deep thinkers who embrace the weird and unique. The scientific basis of astrology does also have some backing, and its legitimacy has previously been claimed by notable scientists. Bob Marley left and Oprah Winfrey right both have Aquarius star signs. Actor Christian Bale left and basketball legend Michael Jordan right are some of the most successful people in their respective field.

January 28 — Aquarius Zodiac Sign

They are also Aquarius. We are all genetically tuned to receive a different set of melodies from this symphony. The link between star sign and other traits have been commonly noted and including suggestions that certain star signs are more prone to certain illnesses. You are as mysterious as you are imaginative. In addition, you have a self-drive that makes it possible for all your dreams to come true.

Your imaginations are not in vain! You and your fellow Cuspers are full of energy. You have the ability to combine the energies of both air and earth to create an interesting mix.

January 28 Birthday Horoscope

This combination sometimes leaves you in a kind of conflict. When this happens, be sure that it is part of your personality. Harness the resultant energy and make the best of it. Some people perceive you as determined, serious, and hardworking. You are also creative, especially when it comes to real life, practical solutions.

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But, the best of all is that you are an intellectual. You like using your vast mental faculties to entertain and create fun. As a January 28 zodiac lover, you are very versatile and attractive. This has won you many admirers of the opposite sex. However, you are not a person to commit to one person for long! You are a discoverer. This trait is quite noticeable in your relationships. You love with passion until the next suitable candidate comes along.

Do not see this as a flaw — it is more of a strength. It bespeaks of your capacity to handle multiple partners successfully! You can form a very solid relationship with a fellow Aquarius. However, for this to happen you have to be subtle. Do not let them know you at a glance. Reveal your personality to them methodically. Keep them guessing as to who you truly are! According to the charts, you are a firm believer in love at first sight.

You do not need a million years to feel attached to a lover. You act on your first impressions. However, this does not always work for your interest. You will often be disappointed following a miscalculation in a relationship. We would suggest that you take more time to know your partners before you give them your heart. Your ideal partner is an Aquarius, a Libra or a Gemini. This is because you view many life issues from the same angle. You are most compatible with people who were born on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 11th, 15th, 28th, 30th, and 31st.

Try to keep away from a relationship with a Scorpio.


Your astrological chart shows that such a relationship may not end well. Better be safe than sorry! The analysis of your astrological charts indicates that you are an intellectual with a kind heart towards the fate of humanity.