Interrogatory astrology definition

There has been run different shows in television channels regarding the astrology in relation to their love life, marital issues, career path, hurdles and happiness and many personal things come into the open world for the sake of getting the assumed private things in front of the whole world through the screen. This idea of running the shows in media seems as a serious initiative as well as psychological issues to compensate and console of your mentality.

The question of its scientific existence has always remained intact. In this sense, it has many facets and factors that has yet to realized and explored to the fullest. That may be why it has been assumed and conformed as one of the most exciting and interesting topics from a homeless to a homeowner, a beggar to a King.

In other words, no one seem to be away from the influence of astrology in certain stage of their life. The practice has been quite divided into many branches along with its prevalent use in the human world. Among various types of astrology followings are few mentioned below:.

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An astrologer is asked question about the events and program about launching new project, marrying date of their son etc. The issues of personal life, career, marital relationship, family, health, and money and future events are predicted in Natal Astrology. It basically focuses on the personal issues of a person.

In this category of astrology, relationship astrology and vocational astrology can be included. It has got a high popularity in the West as astrological readings for contribute about findings of the issues of personal awareness, personality pattern and future events as well. Also called as Karmic Astrology basically deals with the spiritual issues and understandings. The astrology which predicts on world affairs, war, political upheavals, economic turnaround in world market etc. It is more concerned on global issues which has international effect and influence.

Astro-mapping concerns on forecasting about the location best for beginning any works and career to a person. To get more success in life, the astro-mapping suggests one to move a certain place to use positive energy in better manner. Based on the position of the stars and its effect on a person the date and time certain program is fixed and predicted to be auspicious provided that the event is started at a certain time and date. In other words, it seeks a propitious time to organize and conduct any program. Your email address will not be published.

Interrogatory Astrology Definition

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Three Nights Four Days yoga Retreat. Whole Day Yoga Workshop. Facebook Twitter RSS. Astrology Types and Importance. What is Astrology? Different types of Astrology are Interrogatory, Natal, Humanistic, Esoteric, Mundane, Astro-meteorology, Astro-mapping, Electional astrology etc In spite of its captivating effect on the mindset of people all around the world, it has also been regarded as pseudoscience. Among various types of astrology followings are few mentioned below: Interrogatory Astrology An astrologer is asked question about the events and program about launching new project, marrying date of their son etc.

Natal Astrology The issues of personal life, career, marital relationship, family, health, and money and future events are predicted in Natal Astrology. Esoteric Astrology Also called as Karmic Astrology basically deals with the spiritual issues and understandings. Mundane Astrology The astrology which predicts on world affairs, war, political upheavals, economic turnaround in world market etc.

Astro-meteorology It predicts on geological pattern and weather. Electional Astrology Based on the position of the stars and its effect on a person the date and time certain program is fixed and predicted to be auspicious provided that the event is started at a certain time and date. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The rules of predictions in both are also more or less the same. In a query the questioner or his representative directly asks the question to the astrologer and so there is the direct involvement of the questioner or his representative in a query or prasna where as in horo-scope the native need not be physically present and so his physical in-volvement is not necessary.

In query or prasna the place or direction occupied by the ques-tioner when he asks the question has most importance. This sign is called Aarooddta. In natal horoscope this is not calculated. In other words the questioner has relation to place and time whereas in natal he is connected with birth-time only. Prasna deals with only one aspect of life asked by questioner at a time, whereas the natal horoscope deals with the whole life experiences of the native 4.

Natal horoscope deals with the good or bad deeds of the former birth. The deeds of the present life after birth do not reflect there. But in prasna the present day life experiences upto the time of query could also be dealt with. Since the results of bad or good deeds of former birth are modi-fied by the present day deeds - good or bad- natal horoscope cannot reflect true life. This is not the case with prasna as it reflects the actual deeds of past life as well as the present day life of the individual.

The natal horoscope reflects only the true nature of past life which might have changed after birth due to the good or bad deeds of the native. Since this modification takes place after birth natal horoscope cannot reflect such after birth phenomena.. But since the prasna chart is cast for the time of prasna it will reflect all the phenomena up to date including the modified ones.

The premises of prasna is sharp and precise whereas that of natal is vast and varied. The main difference between prasna and natal horoscope is Aarooddta- the sign occupied or touched by the queryst which represents the space in the zodiac. From Aarooddha or sign occupied by querist, the astrologer can deduce the planetary force or vibration controlling the queryst and the general influence of the planet on the locality where the query is con-ducted.

This is because the querist approaches the astrologer under the influence of some planet and it is this planetary force which places the questioner in a sign. In natal horoscope there is no relevance for Aarooddta sign. Aarooddta is a Sanskrit word meaning mounted upon and here a sign is called aarooddta because it is mounted upon by the querist. Arrodtathwaath Prucchakaena Raasiraroodta Ishyathae Aarooddta is of many types which will be explained later under the heading Aarooddta. Wrong timing in natal horoscopes.

Usually in natal horoscope the time of birth is often given wrongly due to different circumstances and reasons. When the delivery takes place in a nursing home or hospital usually the time of birth is intimated by the nurse or midwife who attends the delivery. They intimate the time after a few minutes of delivery.

Here a guess is taking place. Further they donot know the exact time of deliv-ery is the time of cutting the umbilical cord. There are difference of opinion about the exact time of birth. Some consider the first inhalation of the child as birth time, while others the weeping of the child. Still some others the sight of the head. Some others hold that touching the ground in present day hospital births touching the hand of midwife or nurse is the exact time.

In prasna this inconsistency does not take place, because here the astrologer himself is noting the time of query. In prasna some more details of timings such as Cchathra. Veedhee, Soothra, Ashtamangala samkhyaa, thrisphuta, cchathusphuta, panchasphuta, daehasphuta, praanasphuta, mruthyusphuta, jeeva soothra, roagasoothra, mrithyusoothra etc. Nimittha or omens have great importance in Prasna, where as that much importance is not given to nimitthas in natal. Prasna is more pragmatic than natal. Prasna can answer any kind and every kind of problems faced by man-kind.

But natal horoscope has many limitations. For example natal cannot answer questions about lost articles, pregnancy, rain, hunt, food, travel, curability of diseases, lost horoscopy etc. To sum up prasna starts where the natal stops. The charged enviomment during prasna As has already been said it is the invisible cosmic force in astrol-ogy the planetary influence which compels the questioner to approach the astrologer and places him in a sign before the astrologer. So it is to be deduced that certain planetary influences are at work at that time in the place where horary is conducted.

The nature of this influence can be felt from the omens seen at the place and time of query. For example during the time of query about marriage if some person leaves the place of query, it gives the indirect indication to the astrologer, that the girl will bedi-vorced or become widow; on the other hand if a couple husband and wife comes to the place of query or some body brings brand new cloth to the place, it is indicative of a happy wedded life to the bride. Omens are the results of the planetary influence prevailing at the time of query at the place and on people present there..

The expert astrologer can feel the charged atmosphere and the nature of the planetary influence present there. Actually when the questioner comes to the astrologer and the astro-loger sights the questioner an invisible force binds them together and the astrologer starts to feel the experiences of the questioner as if they are his own experiences. His mental condition changes according to the charged atmosphere, his breath swara changes its course through the left or right nostrils, by feeling which the astrologer actually foresees the fu-ture experiences of the questioner, the flow of breath or Swara is fully explained under the chapter Swara.

At this juncture the predictions made by the astrologer comes true. In prasna special attention is paid to the time of query, place of query, the facial expression, dress, posture and movements of the querist, the limbs the querist has touched, the omens seen and heard around, the first syllables in the first word uttered by the queryst, the presentation articles given by the querist, the betel leaves brought by the querist, the mentality and the temperaments of the querist.

The horoscope does not prescribe any clue or remedy to the day to day problems that haunt men where as in prasna the immediate reasons are found out and remedies prescribed. At times it becomes impossible to finalise the matching of horoscopes of would be couples due to the wrong or incomplete entries in the horoscope. Here prasna gives the final ver-dict.

Natal Astrology

The rising sign and Aarooddta in prasna have 27 kinds of mutual relations which are called Soothra comiections. This is not calculated in natal. The following remarks in Astrological magazine sept. Below are given two typical charts -natal and horary -erected. Note the similarity and differences in form and contents of the two charts. It can be seen that both contains the position of nine planets and ascendant but the horary has one more entry of aaroodta in the sign Aquarius. Sampraeryamaanasthwavasassareeree prasahya daivaena subhaasubhaena Jyoathirvidassannidhimaethi yasmoath prasnoapyathah janmasamah phalaeshu.

Ashtamangala Prasna 17 S. Janmalagnathaycia prasnalagnam sarnkalpyapandithah joathahae yadyaduddishtam thatthath prasnaepi chinthayaeth. Yadjaathakae nigaditham hhuvi maanavaanaam Thath praasnikaepi sakalam kadhayanthi thathgnaah Prasnoapijanmasadrltsoa bhavathi prabhaedah Prasnasya chaathrajananclsya na kinchidasthi. J inmasamayoe yaduktham subhaasubham divyadrugbhiraachaaryairh Prucchaakaalaepi nrunaam thadaeva bhavatheethi gnaeyam. The Querist and Astrologer The querist and astrologer are the most important and essential constituents of Prasna or Horary.

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Without these two the conduct of a prasna is impossible. In modern times when communication facilities have improved, in the place of the querist, his postal letter, written query, e-mail, telegram, telephonic conversation etc. Of course here the aarooddta sign can be found out.

This the astrologer himself can find out with the help of Cowries. As said earlier the querist compelled by the critical circumstances approaches the astrologer to find out the astrological reasons for his grievances and astrological remedies to alleviate them. Here the Cosmic forces act upon him and bring the querist before the astrologer and place him in a particular spot or sign.

What is Astrology?

And this cosmic force is indicated by the positions of planet at that time. On the one hand the querist has the con- fidence that the astrologer through his expertise shall definitely find out the reasons for his grievances and advise him the remedies and on the other hand the astrologer will be praying to the almighty and his precep- tor that with their blessings, he might be able to know the reasons of the grievances of the querist and the remedies may come to his mind. Thus there is the action and reaction between the mental dispositions of the read the future of the querist and spells out the actual reasons of the sufferings.

The ethics of the astrologer The astrologer should be very serious, circumspect and duly bound at such situations. He is considered by the querist and his people as the embodiment of God who is the only source of redress for the ailments. So the astrologer is morally bound to give the correct advice to the querist. Actually prediction is like using the sharp razor. If astrologer conducts the prasna methodically, systematically and seriously and with due rever-ence to deities and preceptors, he will never err in his predictions. Here the astrologer has the role of a doctor in treatment. So the querist should behave with the astrologer as a patient behaves with the doctor who treats him.

In such a condition the prasna becomes productive and efficacious. He should not ask the query asked in unethical manner. Because in this the knowledge of truth is never obtained. When the astrologer is circumspect and when the query is asked well and when pleasant things are seen and heard they cause gain of desired objects.

To sum up the following types of querists should not be enter-tained by the astrologer. One who uses bad language in questioning. One who does not believe in astrology and cosmic reality evinced by it. One who comes empty-handed. One who does not directly look into the eyes of the astrologer, 6. Varieties of prasna As said earlier any subject under the Sun can be made the topic of prasna. As the subjects dealt with by man in an interrogation are num-berless the queries also based on them are numberless.

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  • Prasna or querry is classified on the basis of the subject matter and the techniques employed-The following are the common types. Vivaahaprasna about marriage ; 2. Santhaana prasna about progeny ; 3. Aayuhprasna longevity ; 5. Maranaprasna death ; 6. SwapMprasna dreams ; 7. Yaathraaprasna travel ; 8.

    Yuddhaprasna success in war ; 9. Sandhiprasna compro-mise ; IO. Yrushtiprasna rain ; Koopaprasna water in well ; Nashtaprasnct lost articles ; l3. Proashithaprasna ex-ile ; Thaamboota prasna hoarary with the help of betel leaves. Naaprushtah kasyachid brooyftath Naanyaayaenachaprucchathah Paramaartthaphalagnaanam yathoanaivaehasiddhyathi. The Qualifications of an Astrologer Astrological classics particularly Bruhathsamhitha by Sree Varaahamihira prescribes many qualifications for an astrologer. The astrologer should be adept in all branches of Astrology and he must have the knowledge of all classical texts in astrology like Paraasarahoara, Yavanajaathaka, Jaiminisoothra; he must be a good mathematician and astronomer too.