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Could it do with a different beginning? Taurus : What if you had the power to control how you earned, what you liked, where you lived and whether you were happy? What if you gave up on struggling and went with determination? Gemini : You still can, if you really want to. Are you brave enough to look? Can you change your mind? Can you let go of your binky long enough to find out what it would be like to shed your security and let life lead you by the hand?

Dine out with an old crony on Friday to find out more.

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Leo : Lift up your eyes to the hills. You will find solace in their majesty. Stare into the depths of the desert. There you will see peace in the struggle for existence. Drift into reverie as you gaze into the ocean. The message there is the timelessness of all passion and action. If it were quick, it would be over before you had begun to internalize the meaning of the cycle.

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You demand more; you receive more. Are you ready to find out how you can grow? Are you ready to allow yourself to get out of whack to become real? Is this really what you want? Is this the best you can do for yourself? You have the capability to do and become so much more.

Revisit your objectives Monday. And that way lays the deep blue sea. Release obligation. You may have to restring the entirety of the project at hand, but you have the vision to do it. This is more laudable than it is sensible. Ask a Scorpio for the hard, cold truth.

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Is this a miracle? Is this the power of individuation?


Heavenly Round-Up : Are you on a tightrope or in free fall? Is this a rerun or an original version of your life? Balance your desire for progress with respect for self-maintenance priorities. You have a clarity of purpose and a fresh determination to set the truth into record.

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But you would also have missed out on a number of opportunities that only travel by crooked and backtracking paths. Leo : Spinning toward the dark of the year like a ballet dancer in his prime, you find you love the shifting view even as you deplore the necessity of instability.

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Hold on. In this file photo, a Metro free daily newspaper box sits on a sidewalk. Twenty reporters are being added to the current 15 at the Metros in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and an undisclosed number of people are being added in Toronto to act as a support team, Boynton added. He said the moves are designed to win new readers as well as lure audience from existing publications.

We're expanding! At the same time Torstar is ramping up competition in Western Canada, the Competition Bureau is alleging anti-competitive behaviour by the two companies in its investigation of a non-cash newspaper swap late last year between the two that resulted in 41 titles changing hands and 36 being closed, mainly in Ontario regions served by multiple publications, at a cost of nearly jobs. He said the initiative announced Monday has been in the works for some months and, although its five remaining Metro newspapers are being rebranded StarMetro, the focus is really on the digital product.

He said the newspapers will be used to direct readers to city-specific versions of thestar. Consumers outside the target markets will see a national edition of thestar.

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What works? What doesn't? Tourism association denounces levies to support Halifax stadium Updated 7 hours ago. Plastics exec says Nova Scotia's plastic bag ban will cost jobs, increase landfill waste Published a day ago. Fentanyl overdose raises alarm in Pictou County Updated 12 hours ago. SPCA pilot program takes in pets of people fleeing domestic violence Updated 1 hour ago. Local More.

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The owl grabbed the pussycat for a perilous trip to sea Updated 6 hours ago. Off-duty Halifax police officer arrested after threats complaint Updated 10 hours ago. Vehicles speeding in residential areas was No. Paul Russell Updated 12 hours ago. Upper Musquodoboit man dies after truck crashes into ditch Updated 15 hours ago. Provincial More.

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Hit and run memories haunt Glace Bay mother and daughter Published 4 hours ago. Readers favour roundabouts in Cape Breton Post poll Published 5 hours ago. RCMP seeking public's help in investigation about vehicle collision and an alleged assault Updated 5 hours ago.