December 1 solstice astrology

For a definition, if I have a planetary configuration where one planet is within minutes of being exactly at the middle between two other planets, I have something that is harmonically resonant and a midpoint.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

And — if it is between two sets of planets, this is powerfully resonant. But, check it out! Jupiter is that the midpoint of Sun and Mercury plus Venus and Saturn.

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Wonderful set of premises for a ritual. Thus, Jupiter is quite active at the midpoint of the Sun and Mercury, bringing light and communication to big plans. Jupiter also sits right between Venus and Saturn, creating a desire for long-term and expansive attractions be they love, arts or self. I will draw out the isotrapezoid for presentation here so that the ritual space may be arranged accordingly.

This cosmogram shows a trapezoidal figure focused on Jupiter. It is a focal point at the exact moment that Mars conjoins Neptune. This article addressed, what is for many, a few new terms. They include cosmogram , which is the astrological chart or horoscope. Horoskopos is the term of the hour, however, and refers primarily to the ascendant. We also explored the idea of resonant theurgy , which is a term I use to describe the performance of ritual at the moment in time-related to space in the form of cosmos. Lastly, we explored the idea of midpoints. This method has been present in historical documents of astrology since the Hellenistic era.

Their use exploded with the practice of Uranian, Cosmobiology and Vibrational Astrology.

1. So firstly let us see the December Solstices are all about?

This school applied scientific method to the practice of medical astrology. I see cosmogram as a more succinct and accurate description of a horoscope than the word chart. I am expanding the idea as it has a direct correlation to the precession of the Equinoxes and provides a resonant portal and vibratory connection to the Zodiac fork. References 1. Ebertin R. Combination of Stellar Influences. Aalen, Germany,: Ebertin-Verlag; Astrological Healing. Witte A.

Hamburg, Germany: Ludwig Rudolph Verlag; Erlewine M. Local Space Relocation Astrology. Big Rapids, Michigan: StarTypes. The book is based on more than 35, patient interactions using astrology. Or maybe you start using "No. Friends don't need to know the fifty reasons why you don't feel like dropping a paycheck on an expensive group vacation or passing on a party invite that's not your jam.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the karmic time lord. This solar cycle reminds us that the clock is always ticking. Resolve to make the most of every minute in , with people who are worthy of your time!

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    Winter Solstice and December Astrological Thoughts

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    Winter Solstice December its spiritual meaning

    Sometimes, it feels like the world requires a trade-off — you can have stability or motion, but only one. You can have success or you can have fun, but you have to pick. You can be solid and true even while you keep turning and seeking. What could you do if your full, weird self had space to breathe? Use this new space to remember how bright and curious you really are.

    Use this new space to imagine a life where your ranging, glowing mind can move again. This is a week for resisting the dark gravitational pull of isolation, and for pushing back against your own thoughts when they lead you toward loneliness. Already a subscriber?

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