Features of a capricorn horoscope

Instead of whining and complaining about it they just get the hell back up and keep moving forward.

Capricorn Personality

The traits and characteristics of resilience downright determination are extremely strong in the Capricorn personality and as a result they will wont allow a few measly setbacks to get in the way of what they want. Sometimes Capricorn can be such a strong willed and independent creature that they have a hard time opening up when they are down or in trouble. Sometimes Capricorn can find themselves overthinking and overanalyzing things that are totally out of their control and to the point of driving themself nuts with stress.

Due to their strength and assuredness, Capricorns also have a firm, impressive handshake. Capricorns are most often solidly built, physically strong, and blessed with very tough bodies that can endure almost anything.

Personality Traits of a Capricorn

This general sense of sturdiness remains throughout their lives. There's a courageous and pure quality to a Capricorn woman , who has a calm, in control, and charismatic disposition. She often has a curvy body, a striking bone structure, and is very photogenic.

She radiates strength, has a low, sweet, compelling voice and an earthy ultra-feminine appearance. Most Capricorn men have a chiseled face, a viral, robust body, are typically well dressed and have a certain elegance about them. They project a strong sense of self that sometimes comes off as regal and majestic.

A Capricorn's taste in clothing is almost always simple, sophisticated, and comfortable. They typically wear tried-and-true basics in neutral colors. For a night out on the town, Capricorns prefer understated elegance and as professionals, they wear clothing that reflects their strength and ability. Normally, a Capricorn woman will add a feminine twist. Capricorns are calm, controlled, have a reserved, quiet, soft-spoken manner, and tend to project confidence, but they also shy away from being the center of attention.

Capricorns tend to stand to the side and observe. They often have serious looks on their faces, their arms folded or their legs crossed, which make them seem aloof or unapproachable.

They come from a combination of the signs ruling planet, element, polarity, house and quality. All of these are also used consistently elsewhere within astrology and come together to form the unique package which is the Capricorn personality.

Capricorn Woman: Characteristics and Personality of Capricorn Female

The above traits exist if someone has a Capricorn sun sign. However every individual also has other planet placements Moon, Mars, Venus etc which modify this behavior. In some cases one or more of the basic personality traits listed above will be modified or even replaced. Only by examining all the planet placements for an individual can we get a complete picture of their unique personality.

A skilled astrologer can often calculate these backwards from the ways that the basic sun sign behavior is being modified. As children we are subjected to many experiences and influences.

Capricorn personality traits

These can lead to a determined effort to modify our personality and behavior. The traits still exist, but they can be over ridden by free thought. It's fairly common for negative traits to gradually diminish as a person gets older, wiser and more socially adept. Find out what astrology has to say about your unique partner and relationship beyond just sun signs.

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