Libra on the cusp of libra love compatibility

The Virgo-Libra Cusp

Their narrow-mindedness can reduce their creativity and therefore lead a routine life, but these human beings are entirely comfortable with is. Those human beings who are born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo love to have routines and to make great results by following that routine. People want them to be their friends because they can think and solve problems by logic, and the truth is that they can. The people are fair, loyal and determined in any interpersonal relations. Some people think they can be old and reserved because they live in harmony with reason, not with feelings.

It may be difficult to understand how they feel because they mostly deny their feelings. They tend to Live in the past in some ways and to complicate some things in their lives, which is why they are often confused and unable to move on with life. All in all, they can generally be independent people, but there are those who are not capable of it, and they can have difficulty if someone is not helping them to get better. But they need to work really hard to make decisions, and it happens only when they have enough time to think that problem deeply.

Because of this, they can act indecisive and slow, and this could stop them at their jobs from being more successful. Those human beings who are born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo signs have a sense of reality more than anyone else, and what they believe in is what will happen to them. If they look at life negatively, they will also be detrimental and very reserved.

And if they have a positive view of the world, the same event will look in a positive light and will be satisfied and successful persons. The mind of these people is undoubtedly very powerful and must have the right attitude to be happy and successful in life, and sometimes they do not have it.

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They must learn to be in contact with feelings. Otherwise, they will act cold and reserved, and this is not the truth, they can be warm and loving. They are very prone to denial — for instance, they will say that they are good and that everything is fine even when this is not the case.

This is easier for them because they do not like to analyze their feelings.

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Converting everything is OK is a suitable defense mechanism because they do not have to deal with details with their emotions. People who are born in a period when Virgo sign ends, and the Libra sign begins, are people who can wander in love, and in some early ages, they can be unstable in some way.

But deep inside, they know what they want — stability and loving home, where they can be themselves and hide from the pain. In their appearance, they are giving one selfish cold that simply requires someone to dissolve. However, one must also say that no one can fully have it. Contrary to all the analyses, when married or in a relationship with someone serious, they become perfect lovers.

What is important for them is the great amount of the respect they want to receive from their lovers. They, generally speaking, are able to lead household without error, and in this sense, they are desirable lovers. They need to have a home and a lover where everything will work perfectly. Their main disadvantage is that these people can be great materialists -on top of this, they jealously protect the peace of her family and private life.

Emotionally, however, these people are not always too strong. It depends on many external influences, and almost everything they do is done routinely, so all its traditional obligations are extremely well accepted. But spiritual friendship and emotional ecstasy are often missed, which can be a shame. So, here we encounter people who try and succeed in standing firmly on the ground and can function cold and reserved, but under the shy and reserved exterior hides an energetic, passionate and true lover capable of entirely devoting themselves to a love affair.

It may be a very difficult task to win their hearts because they will not reveal their vulnerability for fear of being hurt. It takes patience for them, and you will have to take for a long time and make an effort to impress them. They will be dedicated, loyal, will make you happy and bring a little order into life.

Many love that these humans are very traditional and conservative, perfect for someone who likes challenges and who prefer when the relationship develops slowly. The perfect match for the people who are born on the cusp of Virgo and Libra signs is a person who is born in the Zodiac sign Taurus. The combination in love implies that this loving couple can have similar views on the spheres of interest related to investments, work and priorities and in general for the practical side of life.

However, any eventual disagreement in this sphere both of these lovers are very oriented toward details and will not gladly stand down when they believe in something. Just be patient with one another and listen. I think that will fit you a lot better than simply a libra reading would :. You can provide balance for your Aries guy. Then your Virgo half will keep Aries on his feet. Since Aries is brash and impulsive, Virgo can help him think his actions through before taking them.

Tomorrow is my birfffday! Can never be too careful who you meet on the internet regardless of gender. Stay safe and have fun darling! Omg this is like your perfect job! Seriously congrats on choosing it. Lucky you. Ok good luck my friend, and i wish you success. Just based on this Sun Sign info, not bad. Both will like luxury and travel. Both will probably be financially ambitious as they both like to surround themselves with nice things, have a nice home, etc.

The question will be how to get there. They should try not to isolate themselves from others too much or things could burn out quickly or they could end up co-dependent and hanging on to things that are no longer good. He should make sure he gives her a lot of attention and appreciation, or else, she might start looking for it elsewhere. She should not nag at him and not be passive-aggressive and rather say exactly what she wants or expects from him.

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Virgo-Libra Cusp

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