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Be proactive in dealing with this obstacle. You are likely to come out on top if you put your mind to it. Key Date: May 6th is the most difficult day of the month. Drama from the past may show up today. A problematic former employee or customer will ruin your day if you let them.

June This is sure to be a positive month of love for you. Your passion and sexual energy levels are through the roof! Both single and attached Sagittarius romantics are finding love in all the right places. Enjoy the good vibes while they last. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season, and your energy is especially positive. This is a great time to focus on a special someone.

December 18 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Enjoy a day of fun with your love interest that turns into a long night spent together. July A mistake at work could be your fault if you are not more careful. Don't be shocked if you have an airhead moment and forget to do something important. If you face the consequences and fix the issue as best that you can, all will be forgiven. Key Date: July 12th is when your memory fails you the most this month. Plan ahead, and keep a close eye on your to do list.

August Your life may feel a little stale and boring this month. Are you feeling stir crazy? Talk to some of your more off-beat friends for some unconventional ways to cure your boredom. Attending concerts or events in your community are sure to contain the excitement you crave right now. Key Date: August 31st is a wonderful day to spend with friends.

Plan a surprise adventure for your closest friends. An impromptu road trip would be full of spontaneous fun for all. September You are on a roll at work this month.

Birthday Horoscope

Your supervisor will think of you as a model employee. Use your positive attitude to get a lot accomplished. There is an idea you may want to share with your boss that is sure to be valued. Key Date: The best day of the month to talk with your boss are dates around September 7th. Your communication skills are peaking at this point, and so are your productivity levels.

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October A close friend may be taking advantage of your generosity this month. Whether they are hogging your time or money, you will have to set up healthy boundaries with them. As long as you are non-confrontational, you and your friend can get past this episode. Key Date: October 21st is when your patience wears the most thin with those around you. Mind what you say and do. Think before you speak so that way you have no regrets when your bad mood passes.

December 1 Birthday Astrology

November Your energy is much lower than usual this month, but your creativity levels are decent. It is an ideal time to uncover a new hobby that is relaxing. Even if you just decide to find a new TV show to binge on, a little downtime is good for you right now.

Key Date: November 13th is when you are feeling the most drained. Try not to plan to do a whole lot this day. Give yourself a day off to restore your energy levels. By Sonya Starr Angel Specializing in: Psychic reading "Over 20 years experience in providing psychic help and therapy to others.

Start your session for FREE 3 minutes with each new psychic you choose. Scorpio At a Glance. Usually, with a flair for the dramatics, you are feisty perhaps when you should be. You make a good friend in need. You dance by your beat, and this is a wonderful quality to have as long as it is not self-destructive behavior. Those of you born today have many associates and friends who are from all across the globe. Can we talk about your love life?

It would seem as if this December 1st birthday personality could not ever be serious about anyone. However, your love life is to be envied as someone who is incredibly attractive usually escorts you to all of the A-List parties and events. You want more than just good looks.

As the December 1 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you need someone who can make you laugh, think and be your best friend. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. When you meet the right one, you will instinctively know it and be ready to commit. This person will be complimentary of your style and values. Accordingly, you will likely have an unusual relationship. If you are dating this Sagittarian, you may need to keep an open mind about things and leave the stuffy behavior behind you. Do You Have Good Karma?

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The December 1 horoscope suggests that as an adult, you may not decide to become a parent. If you do, it may be later on in life. You would make a great father or mother, but you would rather be sure of a stable life before bringing another life into this world. You realize that being a parent could change a lot of things for you and could infringe on your ability to move about the country on a whim.

You need to maintain energy levels and take good care of your health. Health problems can surface if you ignore warnings and forget to maintain balance in all aspects of life. Healing is easy and quick so don't hesitate to take the advice of a specialist if you need to. Love and meditation merge together to add a new dimension to your being and relationships. Personal relationships allow space for your individuality.

Your wisdom is tested as you make important decisions and break through emotional patterns in relationships. You are likely to stay with tested and meaningful friendships. You can expect a busy social calendar. Beware of being stubborn, over sensitive or hurt easily. Choose to be away from meaningless gossip, social obligations or waste time in trivia. After a short period of difficulty and duality you finally move towards a destined path in professional aspects. You achieve synergy and cooperation in the work area and change systems with effort and patience.

Clear and final decisions about partnerships and projects give you a new motivation and drive. You manage and stabilize business and finances in What's Lucky: You finally reach the truth of your own heart and begin to see life as it really is in Significant months are February, August and September. Lucky numbers are 9 and Enhancing colours are wine red and moon blues. Healing crystal is moonstone.

Visitors and communications from overseas can be expected. A pleasure trip or a happy vacation is on the cards at the end of the year! A brief pleasure trip or sojourn with your beloved is likely to materialize. You adopt new systems and routines that improve your daily life, giving you more time with family and some time to indulge in sport or creative pastimes. If there is an illness you can recover quickly with some medical attention as the wheel spins in good luck in every aspect of your life. You can expect a busy and action packed year!

There is light and laughter in your life after a period of heavy, serious conflicts and attitudes. You share happiness, good fortune and wealth with your partner. You stop depending on different people emotionally and become aware of your own strength. You can look forward to a more loving and romantic time in a meaningful relationship this year.

Children, family and parents are supportive yet demanding. You gain a fresh perspective to keep track of goals, priorities and directions. Business, professional and financial situations are resolved unexpectedly. You make professional changes and breakthroughs as new opportunities come your way. Good luck is on your side this year and you can afford to take chances, experiment with new ideas and systems and trust they all work out rather well.

Negative attitudes are transformed as you drop old conflicts and blocks to make new beginnings. You start thinking big and achieving professional and business goals with a creative and positive approach. What's Lucky: Destiny deals some interesting cards that take you on a new path of self-discovery, meditation and inner peace this year! Significant months are October and November.

Lucky numbers are 10 and Enhancing colours are blues, reds and Sun yellows. Healing crystal is ruby. Remember to take frequent breaks during the day and avoid mental stress and tension to remain fit and healthy. The travel bug bites you this year. A business trip in April-May and a vacation at the end of the year actualize! It's best to listen to your own wisdom and do what is good for you rather than be manipulated by others.

You move away from old negative emotional patterns and attitudes to bring a positive and supportive atmosphere in personal and family relationships. You finally express your feelings to the one you love and make a commitment. A marriage or engagement is on the cards! Misunderstandings among associates and friends caused by unclear communication can be cleared up this year. In the past restricting relationships have been limiting you and blocking you from achieving goals.

This year you opt for freedom and space to be happy and creative. You transform a breakdown into a breakthrough with your strength, awareness, sense of balance and good management. You are seen, noted and heard as you make an impact in media and in your field of activity. You have the courage to take on competitive rivals and adversaries; they feel your strength and keep a safe distance from you. A promotion or progressive change at work is on the cards! This is the year you can aim for the highest and achieve it! What's Lucky: A new, courageous attitude takes you out of limitations and restrictions into a freer environment in !

Significant months are May, July, August and December.

DECEMBER 1 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

Lucky numbers are 11, 5 and Enhancing colours are rich gold hues, earthy browns and royal blue. Healing crystal is peridot. Overseas travel and opportunity are on the cards! Yoga, healing and alternate therapy are of great interest and benefit to you since you are highly active, burn up energy and tend to wear yourself out. Keep an eye on your calorie intake as you can over indulge in favorite food and gain weight this year. However, you have a supple and flexible body that enables you to maintain youth and vigour.

Dancing and walking regularly are best for you. Your heart centre is open and you share memorable and poignant moments with your partner. End of the year brings some changes in your routines and emotional patterns when you realize that some changes are needed to rejuvenate important relationships. Since habits can bring dullness in loving partnerships, spontaneous, romantic interludes, vacations and adventures need to be encouraged this year.

Use this interval to celebrate both - the end of the old and the coming of the new. You complete one professional project and get ready to start a new venture in July and expand your interests and business. You explore potential on different levels and get involved in a lot of different aspects and activities.

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You infuse creative energy and enthusiasm in new professional ventures and inspire others around you. Professional success may lead to a residential move and change of lifestyle. What's Lucky: A new vision of life and reality is your blessing this year! Lucky numbers are 10, 12 and Significant months are October, November and December.

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Enhancing colours are sea blues and rose pinks. Healing crystal is lapis lazuli. Two important trips are on the cards. One in July-August and a vacation in October-November are likely to actualize! Travel and movement give you a sense of release and freedom from routines and patterns. You are socially busy and much in demand!

Gardening or building and working with earthy elements could prove therapeutic.

Personality Profile for People Born on December First

Major changes outside are synchronized with inner changes of attitudes, priorities and values. It's important to keep a handle on emotions and maintain balance in meaningful relationships! You are total and focused in loving relationships expressing your feelings fervently and can expect reciprocation from your partner or loved one.

Love flowers into commitment and holds a promise for the future.