Isis in capricorn astrology

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October 1. September 1. August 1. July 3. March 2. February 2. January 2. November 4. October 3. September August 6. April 1. You are here to follow your inner passions and to discover your divine purpose. This takes focus and determination and even if by some chance you meander off the path, life will always place you back and demand that you dig your heels in and continue steadfastly toward success. Subconsciously, you know what it takes to win and even when unsure your instincts kick in to boost you forward. As a Gemini Ascendant, your chart is ruled by Mercury and esoterically by Venus.

Your life will be one big study where you amass genius through noticing all the details that most others miss. Your education, childhood friends and siblings play a big part in your life and your appreciation for everything you see allows for formidable optimistic despite how anxious and impatient you can become with the progress of your life. Deep inside, you believe in the perfect love and may devote some time to find that person.

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It can come off as emotionally fickle to others, but you are really chasing an ideal. Subconsciously, you are determined to have everything you desire and are not likely to let others deter you. As a Cancer Ascendant, your chart is ruled by the Moon and esoterically by Neptune. Your life will lead you back to your roots and your family life again and again. You are drawn to and very much influenced by your mother and will find yourself running back into her arms figuratively or literally when life gets hard.

Despite this, you remain tough and determined taking charge of your life and protecting those that you love. You are idealistic, imaginative and are guided by emotions that often change. No matter how much you may hide it, you dream of the perfect family and the perfect love.

Subconsciously, you can be very changeable, hiding an inner genius that is not usually apparent to others. As a Leo Ascendant, your chart is ruled by the Sun exoterically and esoterically. Your life will place you in the spotlight wherever you go.

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You look good and instinctively know what appeals to the eye. Even if you are somewhat of an introvert, you cannot help but draw others toward you as you have a natural and effortless charisma that garners attention and admiration. Your life is geared toward gaining success and wealth so that you can become the king or queen of your domain. Your children or children in general will be very important to you as you view them as the literal future of society.

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Subconsciously, you may hide away at times and shun the limelight as much as you crave it. As a Virgo Ascendant, your chart is ruled by Mercury and esoterically by the Moon. Your life path is marked with steady improvement and the drive toward perfection. You will always be called to become a better person in every way imaginable. Life may start off slow for you but will pick up more as you get into your chosen work field where you will find yourself in a serving position, nurturing and helping others.

From this position, you will gain the kind of power that makes you indispensable and necessary for anything to function. Subconsciously, you need recognition and praise for your work and you will perfect yourself steadily to ensure that you get it. As a Libra Ascendant, your chart is ruled by Venus and esoterically by Uranus. In your life you will seek out harmony and beauty around you.

Even though you seek balanced relationships with others, you will face many interruptions and setbacks in life. These setbacks are to teach you to seek balance within yourself rather than looking solely to others to provide it for you. You will be known for your faith and resilience as you gain more experience with resetting yourself after what appears to be major upsets around you. Subconsciously, you may doubt yourself even though your efforts are always steadfast and reliable. Your life is designed to teach you confidence in your own abilities.

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As a Scorpio Ascendant, your chart is ruled by Pluto and esoterically by Mars. Your life will be wracked with challenges and endless resurrections. Your life will pull you into the depths of despair only to spring you into the heights of heaven as you discover new aspects of yourself and your abilities stemming from the depths of your soul.

Your path is not for the faint of heart and will increasingly bring you strength and victory that will surprise and amaze those who doubted you. Your life will bring you the deepest wisdom and intuitive knowing as you go through many trials of refinement. Subconsciously, you desire a partner to share your knowledge and experiences with because you tend to love deep passion. As a Sagittarius Ascendant, your chart is ruled by Jupiter and esoterically the Earth. In your life, you will be called to have an unshaking faith and optimism in the order of the Divine.

Your challenges will make you into a deeply philosophical thinker with an amazing ability to understand practical life around you with pure clarity and inner truth. You will be called to expand yourself and go beyond your limits time and time again. Movement will be apart of your life as you travel internally and externally in search of more truths and fresh perspectives on what is often taken for granted.

Subconsciously, you are an investigator who is resolute in your feelings with limitless passion and energy.