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And the beautiful is there in Toni Morrison. She teaches us to look hard at the terror and pain, to not turn away from it, to see the ghosts all around us, to see that trauma occupies the present and the past so that we can heal the future. That is the gift of Saturn and Pluto. I love this photo of the planet Pluto because it shows an image of a heart on its surface. We think of Pluto as being all the scary parts of our psyche that we repress, the parts that come flying out as demons of violence and terror. Yes, there are those demons, yet at the heart center of Pluto is the courage to face them, name them, transform them into beauty.

Saturn in combination with Pluto means there is no escape. We can no longer avoid facing our past, present, and future. It seems hard to believe from the events of the last 24 hours but we get something of a break from the intensity of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction right now as they put a bit of celestial distance between each other. Things are still hard and we are generally under the influence of these two planets. Jupiter in Sagittarius turns direct on the 11 th , releasing pent up Sagittarian energy of optimism and possibility.

Like I said — whew! Jupiter has been retrograde since April. And this Sagittarian is looking forward to its turnaround! Bad weather and bad traffic, and if you live in an earthquake zone, pay attention. Mercury has been having its way with me so check back on the 2nd or 3rd for my August post!

These two planets in Leo can be bellicose, but Mercury turns retrograde on the 7 th which may moderate the fractiousness. Or not—since both planets square Uranus that same week, bringing a certain element of trigger-happiness. At the same time the Sun opposes Saturn for a few days starting on the 8th. That is a slog, orat the very least, a sobering few days. These aspects signify a major power struggle, a speaking of truth to power, a clash of values.

Robert Mueller is slated to testify to Congress on July 17 th. Things will be coming to some sort of head the week of the 14 th and even the 20 th , when the Cancer Sun meets up with Mercury retrograde while Venus opposes Pluto. Saturn is retrograde and Pluto is as well, but Pluto moves a lot more slowly. Saturn and Pluto remain 5 or 6 degrees apart until they grow closer again in December and meet up exactly in January, god help us. Although we are still under their general influence, things should feel somewhat easier starting late July.

The way I see it—we have six months to organize, to really push back before Saturn and Pluto are on top of each other again. Mercury will be retrograde this month from July 7 til through the 31 st , starting off in Leo and then moving into Cancer. It will certainly be a challenging one for communication because of its aspects to Mars, Sun, Uranus, and Pluto. Even I —a pretty irrepressibly optimistic Sagittarian—struggled this week to not feel run over by a truck by the relentless accumulation of bad news from one end of the world to the other. But people all over are rising up.

So there is resistance and positive change, dynamism and new ideas. As the resistance bubbles up more strongly, the pressure and weight of the abuses of power increase. One of the hard parts about Saturn and Pluto is the grinding, relentless quality to their action. It is easy to lose hope and become numb. We have to remember that the resistance can also be relentless. Mercury has been moving so slowly as it passed from retrograde to direct on the 28 th that it has been parked with Neptune in Pisces for what feels like forever.

This conjunction with Neptune continues into next week, emphasizing the part of Mercury Neptune that is slippery and unclear. It is important to note that Barr has been a pawn for executive misdeeds for a long time — he was the AG for Pres. George Bush Sr when he pardoned the politicos who engineered the Iran Contra crimes. So yes, smoke and mirrors. By April 9 th the Aries Sun makes a 90 degree angle to the Saturn Pluto conjunction for about a week.

Expect the beast to be provoked, and Saturn Pluto repression to be on display. By April 20 the Sun enters Taurus and partners up with Uranus for a few days of sudden events and turnarounds. Next month… we will start analyzing the birth charts of Democratic candidates and others….

You are wondering what kind of year we have to look forward to…. I am too! In March Saturn gets very close within 3 degrees to Pluto in Capricorn, and it stays close into June, even after it starts to retrograde at the end of April. By July they are still in spitting distance, just 4 degrees apart. The two planets spend the first few months of together, exactly conjunct on January 12, This is a significant transit, personally and politically.

This time, it has great global significance because it falls at 22 degrees Capricorn, which is a trigger point on the earth axis, so it affects the world itself. I have mentioned this Pluto return before in my blog, and that it means the scab has been ripped off our core wounds as a nation. Our shadow side is utterly visible. Pluto represents some of the most transformative energy in the universe, and in combination with Saturn it is no joke.

Together with Saturn, we can see either intense repression or powerful restructuring, or both. Because these planets are in Capricorn, their influence will definitely play out in the structures of our society, and also on the earth itself, especially with the additional transit of Uranus through Taurus, another earth sign.

All this earthy energy will put the impact of the degradation of the environment front and center. Whatever the outcome, Pluto brings to the surface an inexorable force for change, challenging Saturnian structures. Deep breaths, everyone. In thinking about what this transit could mean for our world, I was inspired to take a walk through history, to see what was going on during other Saturn Pluto transits.

So when you look at my historical list of Saturn Pluto events that include war and state repression, also look for the organizing, the resistance. That is the other meaning of Pluto, the ferocious will to transform that manifests in irrepressible social movements. Joe McCarthy and the persecution of organizers, artists, and communists — and all kinds of other people—by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Vietnam war. We are already in a period where the question of who is controlling the resources and how those decisions are made is at issue. Saturn and Pluto will help push change forward, building the pressure needed to make some serious change which will culminate in I believe that is what Saturn and Pluto signify, a confrontation with and reconfiguration of power and systems. We are at a breaking point in terms of the earth and in terms of how our body politic functions. We are at a breaking point in terms of climate change and Saturn and Pluto and Uranus will make that more obvious.

It has become so clear that many systems in our world only work for the few. The culture of extractiveness — on the level of environment, racism, misogyny, and capitalism may be crashing under its own weight. It is also crashing down because people are organizing. How will systems respond to the demand for change from the grassroots? How will the Saturnian rules of governmental decorum behave when challenged by the new and more radical energy of young people, people of color, and women and queers who take their seats in Congress this week?

We will see! Change is always messy—it is never easy. We have to be strong and be ready for some breakdowns. We have to make change wherever we can. We have to keep up the self —care and yoga, too. The planets this month of January give us plenty to work with so that we can make daily, important changes. January is heavy with Capricorn energy—as it would be, with the Sun in that sign til the 20 th.

But it is much more than the Sun this month.

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Saturn is in Capricorn, its home sign, and paired up with the Sun today and for the next few days. January 5 th brings a Capricorn new moon and partial eclipse. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 5 th. Pluto is in Capricorn. The Sun reaches it by the 9 th and spends a few days there.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and as such, it has to do with the material plane—our earth, our bodies, what we do with ourselves in a concrete way, what we manifest. So it has to do with moving ourselves and our lives forward, like the mountain goat that is its symbol, climbing ever upward.

Capricorn is practical, earthy, prudent, careful, authoritative. It is ruled by Saturn, the planet of manifestation, of structure. Structure in a Capricornian sense includes our physical structure our bones , the structure of our lives work, home, relationships , and the structures of society. This month—or the first 3 weeks of it—has a heavy Capricorn and Saturnian emphasis, beginning today with the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. This is a heavy week and we all know it, whether our concern is the environment, racial justice, the government shutdown, immigrants and refugees, gun violence, the rise of right wing nationalism the world over, or whatever issue… Things are serious.

Keep in mind, however, that another quality of Capricorn — and Saturn—is timing. I think all the earth signs have it but Capricorn especially since Saturn is all about time and about ripeness, about waiting for the right moment. As a Sagittarian with no earth in her chart, I have so much trouble waiting for things!

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Are you kidding?! This is going to be an interesting couple of weeks! Not only is the Sun sitting with Saturn but they also both oppose Kronos, a planet used in the Uranian system of astrology. These three together have everything to do with the rule of law, with accountability. I wrote this last month, but will say it again: Robert Mueller, this is a good time to roll out some indictments. This week, Democrats take over the House of Representatives. It will be a very Saturnian week—not only the shutdown negotiations but also the start of many Democratic investigations into He Who Will Not Be Named.

The shutdown could last til mid-January. We have to get through a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn between the 9 th and 12 th. Then Jupiter and Neptune bring rele ase. The middle of the month brings Uranus to the fore and puts some distance from Saturnian seriousness. Get ready for some change! The Leo full moon on the 21 st is a big supermoon and total lunar eclipse, amplifying its pretty Venus-Jupiter energy of connection and fulfillment. The month ends with Mars-Pluto action — looks like power struggles on the big stage. What I love about astrology is that the influences are constantly shifting.

December is a quite easy month! Of course there are some caveats. Sagittarius — where the Sun is for most of the month—is a mutable sign, along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. These four signs share the quality of being transitional, moving us all to the solstices and equinoxes which mark important thresholds, turning points. The mutable signs are future oriented, adaptive, moving to the next phase. What I love about November and December is what I love about Sagittarian-ness, the sense of movement and new direction which is unfolding before us.

It requires a tremendous amount of trust in the universe to go on this ride! This is quite a line-up! It is an opportunity to project a massive amount of energy. It is a good day to focus on healing and on the interconnectedness of all things. We will have the capacity to manifest atmosphere of all kinds next week!

Then the Winter Solstice comes on the 21 st , when the Sun enters Capricorn. This event comes with beautiful angles to Venus in Scorpio and also a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Sag. The Cancer full moon falls almost on top of the Solstice, not even a full 24 hours later. Wow—these influences add up to a juicy, emotional, loving, communicative time.. Then Mars at the end of Pisces joins up with Chiron during the last week of December, just as the Sun in Capricorn approaches Saturn by the 31st.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer takes care of business. Venus retrogrades back into Libra today, and it spends the next week opposing Uranus, which inches back into Aries on the 6 th. They both make an important angle to the North Lunar Node at the start of the month and at the end. What does this mean, you wonder, for the train wreck that the United States political scene seems to be…?

First, a disclaimer. As I have mentioned before in these pages, I am torn between my several-planets -in-Scorpio doomsaying and my essential Sagittarian optimism. I know it seems counterintuitive, but my optimism wins out. I know, hard to trust it. No matter how many times I read the Bhagavad Gita , my attachment to outcomes is very strong in these political matters.

The planets continue to move in a positive direction for the rest of November, culminating in Jupiterian fulfillment and completion and a downright celebratory vibe by the end of the month.. I hope I am right. On the day that Venus turns direct our pal Mercury goes retrograde. This stretch of Mercury retrograde is in Sagittarius, which might make travel particularly messy. But you know the drill: go with the flow, pay attention to your intuition, and watch your dreams.

This powerful full moon falls with Jupiter and Mars. Just sayin. Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, enters its own sign on the 8th. This big, gassy planet is so fiery and bright its meaning is as big and potent as that of the Sun in astrology. As the planet that rules Sag, it is all about fulfillment, and the wisdom and joy that comes from perceiving the meaning of all things.

I know, it sounds grandiose, and god knows Sagittarius can be excessive. Yet the infectious joyfulness of Sagittarius comes from a deep sense that everything in the universe hangs together in an invisible fabric of meaning. So Jupiter connotes movement of fate in our lives, — or destiny, the turning of the wheel of fortune. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius til the end of Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde on October 5 th.

Venus retrograde happens every 18 months, and it lasts only six weeks. Remember that Venus has a complex sphere of action— it has to do with relatedness and the core values that undergird our sense of being connected to the world around us. And yes, it has to do with relationships. Venus also has to do with beauty and art, ideals and idealization. Across this spectrum of meaning you can see its dual role of ruling both Taurus and Libra.

Venus is an all-round great goddess. Keep in mind that the first few weeks of the transit occur in Scorpio and then on October 31 Venus retrogrades back into Libra where it spends the remainder of its retrograde until November 16 th. Second, reflect on what was going on in your life the last time Venus was retrograde in March , and perhaps more significantly, when it retrograded in Scorpio in November Of course, who can remember that far?! In any case, some similar issues might come up for us but in a different way.

Third, Venus can have to do with material resources. During the retrograde period, we are all struggling with values and the literal value of things. Conventional astrology cautions us to avoid big purchases or outlays. To me, it is more about evaluating where we are investing our energy, and the retrograde is a good time to take stock of that.

Fourth, enjoy this period. Pay attention to your dreams and urges. Beyonce as the Venus-goddess Oshun, in payback mode. Venus retrograde is famous for being a time of great political instability when leaders fall and diplomacy breaks down. The ancient Mayans thought that the period when. Venus is turning retrograde against the backdrop of the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, where the naked entitlement of patriarchal and misogynistic control is visible for all to see. In fact, October 5 th — the day Venus turns— is the day the FBI investigation of the allegations of sexual assault against him will be completed.

Whether or not he ultimately makes it to the Supreme Court, Venus retrograde will throw down a gauntlet. And quite conveniently, Venus retrograde dominates the run up to the November mid- term elections. By the end of October it opposes Uranus and remains in an angle to Uranus through the first week of November. The Uranus effect will be about radical change and radically challenging the status quo.

Unfortunately for her and for us, the patriarchy reasserted itself by the time of her testimony and the vote which both occurred after Venus went direct. In November , the last time Venus retrograded in Scorpio, Republicans took back the House, gained footing in the Senate, and took several governorships, all as a result of Tea Party and anti-Pres.

Obama organizing. The Venus retrograde challenge is not only concerning sexual assault but it is also about progressive values that reflect a broad vision of justice. Venus retrograde is likely to strengthen grassroots organizing that has already brought people like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Stacey Abrams, and others to the fore.

The status quo is being challenged across the board. Then there are the other parts of our political landscape that should receive some Venus retrograde challenge, and those have to do with Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower to affect his campaign.

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When Venus went behind the Sun at the end of March , Michael Flynn agreed to testify about Russia so he could get immunity. Wikileaks released troves of information during the last Venus retrograde and also during the November one. Trump used the Venus retrograde last March and April to rescind many Obama-era regulations, especially about climate, labor and immigration. This time Venus retrograde is swinging the pendulum back against him. But relief is in sight!

August had so many planets moving retrograde that life felt like it was stuck in molasses. Jupiter is moving direct now in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn turns direct on the 6 th. The big news of the month is that Saturn and Jupiter spend the first half of September in a half-square. This potent angle returns the focus to economic issues. I have been expecting Saturn and Jupiter and the entry of Uranus into Taurus to bring a financial downturn, frankly.

More interesting even than Saturn and Jupiter is that Saturn is lined up in an exact angle to Chiron. To me, this is the accountability angle. It was also in play last month and we saw all kinds of accountability flowing towards Trump from the Mueller investigation and from the New York State Attorney General and from Omarosa, god love her venal self! There was very thinly —veiled criticism directed at 45 at Sen. Pushback is happening. And all of this has unfolded under the Saturn —Chiron aspect and before Saturn turns direct….

I am looking forward to Saturn direct and its angle to Jupiter. Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron can also concern the legal system. The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings begin today. He is a stealth operator with strong connections to the world and to the zeitgeist of the US, whether or not he makes it onto the Supreme Court. The end of Mars retrograde brought the passing of some major public figures : Aretha Franklin—who used the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in her birth chart to great effect.

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And, John McCain crossed over as well just before his August 29 birthday —interestingly, he died 9 years to the day after Sen. Ted Kennedy died of the same illness. It is not uncommon to see significant overlap in the charts of people who have close relationships—in fact, I expect it. Accountability and responsibility will be the focus. And get ready for Venus retrograde on October 5th! This astrologer thinks that this transit could be excellent for the November mid-terms….

By the way, September is a great month for planet watching! Get out there and look for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in the night sky. Mercury is hard to see so take the opportunity to do it, as I did last week in Truro on Cape Cod and a shout out to committed astronomy-lover Rebecca who made me get up at am…! Sun enters Libra. Are we having fun yet? This is the strangest summer, astrologically speaking. And as you may have noticed, my interpretation of these confusing influences bounces between Scorpionic paranoia and Sagittarian optimism.

The nerve! This month I am downright hopeful. Well, kind of, anyway. Mars retrograde continues to square Uranus in Taurus this month, exaggerating the surprise factor that Mars retrograde plus Mercury retrograde always brings. This month, Mars sneaks back into the tail end of Capricorn on the 12 th , and it remains in Capricorn past the rest of its retrograde and into September. Of course this could certainly highlight issues of climate change and environmental degradation — we are already seeing fires and extreme heat in unusual places England, Ireland, Sweden! At the same time, Saturn in Capricorn lines up with Jupiter on the earth axis for the second half of August.

This important influence can be about resources and long-term planning. Mars in Capricorn could also shift the focus to the economy. Hmm, there could be an economic hit under this planetary situation. Whether it affects us in the realm of economics or not, it is a very big reality check. Saturn squares Chiron all month and I see this combination as a dose of accountability. The challenge is to find the sacred in the hurting part of ourselves. Chiron just recently entered Aries.

This is an opportunity to heal individualism and excessive egoism, to find the sacredness in our individuality and transcend patterns of individual self-aggrandizement. The square to Saturn in Capricorn makes this urgent. The US is grappling with significant issues of identity, individualism, and security. All of this occurs against the backdrop of the US beginning its Pluto return — the first time Pluto has returned to the position it had in the US chart since Pluto is bringing our shadow to the surface.

Remember to go with the flow and stay close to your intuition. We are in between eclipses right now, and the energies are building towards a major release after the August 26 th full moon and after Mars turns around on the 27 th. And here is a sneak preview— Venus turns retrograde in October and lasts through the US midterm elections. More on this next month! Well yes, but this is a bit different. The Aquarian energy is very interesting right now…. Keep in mind that the moon of the US is in Aquarius.

Even though it is located at a degree in late Aquarius, the Mars retrograde is still impactful for the US public. Democratic ideals are at stake. This new moon opposes Pluto quite exactly. The issues will be homeland security, borders, protectionism, state power. Uranus is creeping forward in early Taurus.

The earth is rumbling in a serious way — earthquakes and volcanic activity are up. Wildfires in England and again in Northern California. We are in tornado season and hurricane season. In addition to Uranus in Taurus having implications for the earth, it also affects our financial systems.

But the big astrological events line up at the end of July. Mercury in Leo turns retrograde July July 27 has an exact opposition between Mars retrograde and the Sun. It is also the day of a full moon in Aquarius and total lunar eclipse—all squaring Uranus. I call this a trifecta of weirdness. There is always an unexpected quality to Mars retrograde, but you add Mercury retrograde and Uranus to the mix and it is wild and crazy, dramatic, surprising.

The full moon and eclipse intensify and illuminate everything. There are likely to be revelations and events that take us by surprise. There could be an unleashing of revolutionary fervor. There could be major environmental or climate-related events. And I hope I am totally wrong. I often recommend avoiding travel on new and full moons simply because so much more water gets pulled around the earth on lunations and weather can be terrible. This month, be careful and be prepared. The July 27 full moon is especially dicey. Mars retrograde moves into a square with Uranus for the entire last week of July and into August.

Mercury is retrograde into August as well. Forget about doing what you thought you were going to do from July 26 til August 19 th.

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When I say go with the flow during this stretch, I mean it! On a positive note, Uranus brings change. There has been a lot of media attention lately about how atomized and polarized the US electorate is. Uranus is now in Taurus. More than anything Taurus and its ruling planet Venus have to do with values of relatedness. We are now questioning what it means to be in our little media bubbles and unable to relate to people with different opinions.

Uranus in Taurus is stirring the pot about this question of relatedness and it will continue to be important, especially in the run-up to the midterm elections. Keep in mind that Uranus begins to retrograde in August and will sneak back into the tail end of Aries in the fall, so there will be a lot of flip-flopping about this issue of polarization…. Of course, the backdrop to all of these questions about democracy, inclusion, and freedom is that the United States has begun its Pluto return. Pluto in the sky is back in the seco nd house of the natal chart of the US, the house and sign it was in on July 4, for the first time in over years.

It is time for transformation. The Pluto return is a multi-year process of exploring the core values of the US…. Are the core values freedom and democracy or enslavement and genocide? How does a nation that seeks to be democratic heal the core wounds of our history? How do we achieve democracy with an autocratic demagogue as president and a broken political system?

Batten down the hatches! In many earth-based cultures, the solstice is time of fulfillment or culmination. It is the turning of the wheel of the year. I know— solstice or no, it is hard to celebrate anything right now in light of the dramatically difficult events taking place in this world of ours. As I study the planetary combinations, I see that. Oh me oh my oh. There is a lot going on this month! And the summer will be dominated by Mars retrograde—more on that shortly. Uranus in Taurus is kicking up lots of action on the volcano and earthquake front, much as I expected.

Remember that Uranus just entered Taurus on May Additionally there has been a very high level of seismic activity world- wide. There are normally around earthquakes around the globe in any 24 hour period, many of them small and unremarkable For the past few weeks the daily earthquake tally is over and on many days over ! There are a hundred quakes a day near Mount Kilauea, most of them small, but last night brought one over 5. The Earth sure is rocking and rolling right now.

Uranus in Taurus will be really triggered this summer by an angle to Mars retrograde, so I am expecting more of this. Not only am I concerned about the Ring of Fire but there are also now quite a few daily earthquakes — not big ones, but — in the state of Washington.

I do worry about the Cascadia fault line. June brings us many interesting things on the political front. His birthday chart indicates that he will be more thin-skinned and defensive than ever. Oh great. That is actually quite auspicious, good for new beginnings, and the transits are favorable for communication, believe it or not. But—whatever gets agreed is likely to fall apart by late summer. Kim is a Capricorn undergoing a long Pluto transit, consolidating his power.

Mars retro will have a significant effect on his chart. All the planets spend some time being retrograde. Since much of astrology has to do with what is observable from our point of view on this wee blue planet of ours, it is an art that is earth-centric and all about our perception. Mars represents a big swath of our daily expression and activity.

Despite being associated with war and masculine aggression, Mars is a complex symbol and means much more than that. Mars is our will, volition, our energy of action. As Erin Sullivan writes, Mars is the ambassador of the Sun—as such it represents our solar energy out in the world. The Sun is how we are and who we are on a fundamental level, and Mars is what we do. Mars acts for us in the sphere of doing anything, from getting out of bed, to working, to setting goals, for moving ourselves forward with plans and activities.

Societies get built through the energy of Mars. And yes, we can start wars too. Mars can show an infantile, self-aggrandizing expression of will, or a sophisticated and thoughtful one. When it is retrograde, the forward motion goes sideways. Things can feel like they go off track, especially carefully laid plans. The emphasis is process, not outcome, and very positive process can unfold under the influence of Mars retrograde.

Nonetheless, it can feel like things get unexpectedly derailed or stymied, and that can feel frustrating and surprising. In fact, expect the unexpected this summer! Interestingly, this stretch of Mars retrograde — which begins on June 16 and ends August 27 th —occurs in Aquarius and Capricorn. Aquarius is the most unusual sign placement for Mars retrograde, historically speaking. The last time it fell in Aquarius was , a really rough year in the struggle for civil rights in Northern Ireland, as it happened.

The last time Mars was retrograde at all was 2 years ago in , when Britain voted for Brexit.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius. Email address. Daily Compatibility. With the Moon still in your relationship sector as Venus leaves your communication sector today, where this has given the planet of love a better chance to give your heart and your relationships a voice, there are willing hands to take over. With the Sun and Mars still in your relationship sector, this is one monthly visit that comes with the full support of the communication gods. Forecaster Your Forecaster details the movements of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars - known as the personal inner planets - that signify variations in your level of vitality and your feelings, what you value most as well the way you think and assert yourself.

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