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Come learn interesting facts about pirgeons. Parallelogram the dancer can't find a stage to perform on.

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All her friends try to help by offering to be a stage but they're not the right size. Will she be able to put on the show she promised her friends? Zoe is having a picnic and comes across an amazing animal parade! Join the Lion King as he marches ahead and leads the ceremony with his shiny crown, royal golden mane and loud roar! Crafy Rafty Crafy Rafty Corks. Oliver Oliver Flying. Rocco Rocco Long Vine. Rocco gets tangled in a long vine.

Will he be able to untangle himself? Choopies Choopies Hiking. The Choopies are happy and adventurous Scouts. In each episode they receive an assignment from their scout leader and go on a mission to bring back a different object. Tucky Tales Tucky Tales Owl. An animated Parrot takes viewers on adventures in different places around the world, in each series learning something new by trying to copy the behaviours of a local animal.

Perfecto comes to the restaurant with flour in his basket. Will Momento know what to make with it? Of course he will! Delicious flower shaped rolls! The series is about being a toddler and discovering new daily activities that kids around the world share. Mick is getting ready to go on a picnic. Join him as he discovers which items are needed to have a nice picnic. Come along and see how he lays out a checkered tablecloth, eats a tasty sandwich and enjoys a wonderful time with a friend in the hammock!

Mice builders Mice builders Faucet. Snuggle Puppets Snuggle Puppets Hideout. Snail Trail Snail Trail Froggy. Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Magician. Cuddlies Cuddlies Lost Appetite. Do you know there are no two zebras with the exact same stripes? They are all unique. Just like us! Charlie and Circle play hide and seek together.

Is that a frisbee or is it Circle? And how about that pizza? Can that be circle too? Come help Charlie out! Zoe is in the forest and comes across a bouncy rabbit that loves fresh carrots! Will Zoe be able to keep up with him as he quickly makes his way through the forest?

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Jump along, hop high and find out! Crafy Rafty Crafy Rafty Crow. Oliver Oliver Pizza. Rocco Rocco Chestnuts. Rocco finds tasty chestnuts but their shells are very prickly. How will he be able to carry them? Choopies Choopies Mechanic. Tucky Tales Tucky Tales Deers. Puzzle Games Puzzle Games Perfecto comes to the restaurant with sweet potatoes in his basket. Delicious vegetable patties on a stick! Mice builders Mice builders Toy Dinosaur. Pierre the Painter Pierre the Painter Giraffe. Snuggle Puppets Snuggle Puppets Greenhouse.

Have you ever been to a greenhouse? Come on in and take a closer look at the beautiful plants. Snail Trail Snail Trail Paws. All Aboard! The friends have fun playing with colourful chairs that turn into train seats! Come help the animals push it along and bring them safely back home!

Toto's Kindergarten Toto's Kindergarten Robi's big birthday. Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Astronaut.

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The fallow deers are brown or orange or red with white spots and when they grow up they'll have horns! The Queen of Hearts wants a star on her magic wand to take to the shapes party. She has her heart set on Princess star. Zoe is riding in the snow in the North Pole and meets a friendly polar bear!

Join Zoe and polar bear as they have fun in the snow with penguins and seals! Come along and build a beautiful snowman with a carrot nose! Crafy Rafty Crafy Rafty Pencils. The Hedgehog has a problem - he simply cannot fall asleep. Luckily his friend Raffa is ready to help. Maybe he's not tired? Maybe he needs to brush his teeth?

Or maybe all he needs is a bedtime story. Oliver Oliver Skipper. Rocco Rocco Reflection. Rocco sees the reflection of the clouds in the pond and wants to take them along with him. Choopies Choopies Witch. Tucky Tales Tucky Tales Chameleon. It's afternoon! Join the fun and play in the playground! Watch the robin and lark as they clean their lovely nest! Dream on the grass and have a fine rest! Pierre the Painter Pierre the Painter Clock. Join our cute penguins as they have fun pretending the pen is a conductor's baton leading an orchestra and a magic wand that turns stones into beautiful and colourful butterflies and into musical instruments that play lovely music!

Oliver Oliver Park. Have you ever seen an animal with a pouch who jumps on it's hind legs? Come meet the kangaroo! Tulli 2 Tulli 2 Clothes. Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Band. Puzzle Games Puzzle Games 8. Two friendly puppets let us share in their delightful world, of fun games and easy puzzles which introduce the child to first concepts. Rocco Rocco Acorns. Rocco finds a unique way to take home all the acorns he has found. Cuddlies Cuddlies Wake Up Dodo. The entire gang wants to go camping. Will they remember to bring everything they need? Come find out! Join in and enjoy the show; watch the clowns perform traditional slapstick tricks, watch the acrobats, magicians and weight lifters perform.

Through these performances, children will learn about basic concepts such as big and small! Snail Trail Snail Trail Mole. The curious Pitch and Potch play with a sound machine that introduces the distinct sounds made by different objects and animals. Let's Dance Let's Dance Rockabilly 1. Come and dance the Hokey Pokey with us! Make a clip for your child on www. Stitches Stitches Needles Goes Sledding. Needles wants to go sledding with his friends.

Turns out it's not an easy task when everyone wants to go first. Will the friends manage to get along and have fun together? Louie the friendly dog builds a wider introduction of objects that are introduced in Louie's World, focusing on grouping, sorting, and naming. A moment before bedtime, Teddy Bear tells Mama Bear about the experiences of his day as he sets off into the world of fantasy and imagination. Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Sea Adventure.

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Wooly is having a wonderful time at the beach. Join Wooly as he builds a ladder out of sand to climb up the fluffy cloud to find the end of the sea! What will Wooly see? Come along and explore the endless blue waters of the amazing sea! Louie's World Louie's World Fruit. Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Cat. Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Stars. Wooly is getting ready to go to bed, but is afraid of the dark! Join Wooly as he tries to count sheep and play with Timmy the teddy bear. Come along and see what happens when Wooly opens the window and the sparkling stars come in!

Sweet Dreams! River River 9. Ocean Ocean 9. Wacky Races Wacky Races The wackiest-ever bunch of racers compete for the title of 'World's Wackiest Racer', with Dick Dastardly and Muttley using every kind of dirty trick to win. Grizzy And The Lemmings Grizzy And The Lemmings Even for a giant seven-foot bear, it's not easy getting rid of pesky lemmings but it's all fun seeing them constantly try to outsmart each other with cheeky plans! Bunnicula Bunnicula The paranormal comedy adventures of 13 year old Mina, her pets Chester the paranoid cat, Harold the family dog, and of course Bunnicula, the fun-loving vampire rabbit.

Follow along as Tom and Jerry plot against each other. What's New Scooby-Doo? Season 1. San Fran-Psycho. The gang investigate the ghost of an Alcatraz prisoner who is targeting members of a world famous skateboarding competition. With his big snout that looks like a horn, he is ready to leap into action and face any challenge.

Mr Magoo Mr Magoo Mr. Magoo is a rich retiree who gets into a series of comical situations as a result of his extreme short-sightedness. Bean and his life-long best friend a stuffed teddy on adventures such as avoiding an irate landlady or an evil one-eyed cat. Taffy Taffy Welcome to Muchmore manor, home of uber-rich senior Mrs. Muchmore and her beloved dog with a red bow, Bentley. Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! All Paws On Deck. The gang heads to the Velma's beloved Renaissance Fair, where they must find a way to infiltrate the royal feast to stop an evil court jester.

Craig of the Creek Craig of the Creek A vicious game of tag wreaks havoc on the Creek, claiming Kelsey as the next it. Ben 10 Ben 10 When year-old Ben Tennyson discovers a mysterious device, he gains the power to change into different alien heroes, each with uniquely awesome powers. Clarence Clarence Welcome to the world of Clarence!

It may seem pretty darn ordinary, but through the eyes of Clarence, this average world becomes filled with possibility and wonder. Come and grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands. With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end.

Regular Show Regular Show Off-the-wall comedy surrounding the surreal misadventures of Mordecai and Rigby; two park groundskeepers facing a daily battle against their by-the-book boss, Benson. Let's Be Heroes An enthusiastic young boy earns a job at a hero supply store and trains to become the Greatest Hero Ever.

The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls When danger looms in Townsville, the call goes out to Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup who fly into action against villains to save the day before bedtime. DC Superhero Girls DC Superhero Girls When six ordinary girls meet and discover that they each have extraordinary powers, they decide to join forces to take on one of Metropolis's most sinister villains. Teen Titans Go! Join the teenage superheroes as they fight to save the world and get up to hilarious and mischievous antics.

Unikitty Unikitty Unikitty, a kitty and unicorn hybrid who is the ruler of the kingdom, must prevent Master Frown from taking over the castle and spreading sadness and negativity. Oswaldo Oswaldo The crazy adventures of Oswaldo, an ingenious and dreamy penguin of 12 years with an innate ability to transform any daily situation into an unforgettable adventure. Summer Camp Island Summer Camp Island Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on Summer Camp Island and figure out pretty quickly that most normal summer camps don't have witch-counsellors, aliens and talking trees. Alex, Nicole, Christian, Sam and Emma are five inseparable friends facing their high school years full of emotions, love, fears and dreams together.

They are united through their great friendship and their new-found passion for music, which they will cultivate into real talent. Evermoor Chronicles Evermoor Chronicles Season 1. Tara must get Cameron to fall for Bella and kiss her back to life - by whatever means necessary. Esmerelda and Lacie discover that Sorsha is fated to release the third Founder Sorsha has a founder in her head but is protected by her love for Seb. Esmerelda and Lacie soon hatch a plan to destroy their budding romance.

Season 3. She has to help him right wrongs until he's liberated from limbo. They become a crime-solving team and try to find out more about Melchior's mysterious past. Binny and Melchior visit his only living cousin Albert who lives in a senior citizen's home. Shortly after, they learn that the pocket watch has opened up the door to the spirit world for Binny.

Otto makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the village. But when Sorsha learns of Seb's kiss with the spider girl, their bond is broken and her Founder takes over Tara creates chaos when she pulls her fictional alter-ego from the tapestry! Meanwhile, Bridget makes a terrible pact with the Founder Everines.

Violetta Violetta Season 1. Ludmila orders Leon around and he refuses to sing with her. Tomas is offered the chance to sing in his place and accepts despite the fact it's the night he's due to leave for Spain. Flash, an alien from a distant galaxy, is sent to earth to the Ronks, a Neanderthal tribe, in order to electro-shock humankind into the future. Dolly claims she wrote Dylan's poems to impress Hansel. Things get out of hand and she winds up in a Slam Poetry show. Will she keep up the lie - or own up?

Though Freddie is still trying to adjust to the new un-rotten ways of Auradon, she instantly grows fond of the puffed deliciousness in the dining hall. Back home on the Isle of the Lost, Mal realizes that she better get her Auradon friends out of sight before something bad happens. Raven's Home Raven's Home Season 2. When Booker starts freezing mid-vision, Raven takes him to Dr.

Disney Cookabout Disney Cookabout Season 3. Cookery gameshow set in South Africa. When Nia and Booker get pressured to throw an epic 13th birthday party with no moms or kids allowed, they're forced to tell Raven and Levi that they can't come. Bizaardvark Bizaardvark Season 1. Paige and Frankie invite Amelia over for a sleepover, while Bernie helps Dirk conceal a big mistake. S1 Ep7. Bunk'd Bunk'd Season 3. The Kikiwaka lobster festival is coming up and the Ross kids are determined to make it the best festival ever.

Unfortunately, everything goes wrong and it ends up being a disaster! Lou has decided to go to college next year, but her mum wants her to take over the family farm. They find an old wooden box in Zuri's booth and suddenly they're in thes wearing colonial garb. The campers participate in a model rocket competition with three rounds: altitude, speed, and safety. When Emma, Zuri, and Ravi get new jobs, they learn their mom plans to sell the camp. Concerned that Lou will be devastated, they decide to tell her on a hot air balloon ride.

Bunk'd Bunk'd Season 1. The Ross kids arrive at camp where owner, Gladys, is scarier than the creature rumoured to stalk the grounds. She's out to get them because of her decades-old rivalry with their mum. Ravi becomes suspicious when he overhears Xander's plans for his first date with Emma. Meanwhile, Zuri and Jorge set up a secret business selling candy and video games to the campers.

Farm A. Farm Season 1. Chyna, Olive and Fletcher, three kids on the Advanced Natural Talents Programme, are determined to get into the trendiest party and prove they may be young but they are also cool. The ANTS want to fit in with the older kids, so sign up for after school activities. Chyna wants to be in the musical, but is injured at cheerleading practice and loses her voice.

Raven's Home Raven's Home Season 3. Raven and the kids plan a road trip to visit Chelsea who has been away at sea. After a few obstacles along the way, they all reunite! However, the excitement is short lived. The kids accidentally get stuck on a cruise ship alone, while Raven and Chelsea desperately try to catch up with the ship via jet-ski! Nia and Booker are excited to spend a week with Devon, but their fun plans are cut short when Devon has to leave to report on a storm and the kids have to join him.

When Levi makes a documentary about personal style, Nia, Tess and Booker each learn something new about themselves. Undercover K. Undercover Season 1. Brett is still doublecrossing KC. He tries to persuade KC to go to a concert with him. At first she refuses but then agrees. Instead Brett takes her to Zane S1 Ep Quit It Up. CeCe and Rocky are gonna shake you up. Ty It Up. CeCe decides flattering new host Lance is the way to get her job on the show back, Lance has to choose between Rocky and Ty - but Lance is the one who gets fired!

Ty is the new host. Bizaardvark Bizaardvark Season 2. Paige and Frankie make a bet that Frankie must say yes to everything, while Paige must say no. Paige and Frankie get in over their heads when they offer to help the girl they babysit with her science fair project. Farm Season 3. Chyna travels back in time with teen Zoltan, in his time machine, to be his prom date, then can't get back. Can the ANTs help her return to the 21st century? Unseen CircumstANTs.

Chyna hates the fact that Kennedy doesn't like her, so she helps Kennedy plan a surprise party for Fletcher's birthday. Bunk'd Bunk'd Season 2. The Ross Kids return to Camp Kikiwaka for the summer and are surprised by some of the new changes - Ravi has a new bunk mate and Woodchuck cabin has a new counsellor.

Lou assigns Zuri and Emma to barn duty. The boys discover Gladys has been hiding a secret in the woods. In order to entice a mechanic to fix their vehicle, the Diazes enter the Iron Elf athletic competition. The family car rolls into the garage and causes a lot of damage. Ethan and Harley are the only ones without an alibi so must face the Diaz Court. Brett is back and his assignment is to eliminate K.

But when he can't bring himself to complete his mission, K. When K. Liv's pro skater boyfriend arrives for a contest she's due to judge. Before he realises Liv's a judge he dumps her then tries to get her back. The girls plan their revenge. Damocles gets akumatized into Dark Owl. Armed with high-tech gadgets, he wants to get revenge on Ladybug and Cat Noir, who've humiliated him. Talented swimmer Ondine gets akumatized into Syren. She has feelings for Kim and wants to turn Paris into an underwater kingdom for her prince. Lolirock Lolirock Season 1.

The adventures of Iris, a teenage girl who must divide her time between gigs with her rock band and life as a princess from a faraway kingdom. When Tara's toy bear, Drifty, sends the village to sleep. Tara realises he's the key to saving Cameron. And she is about to discover who the real enemy is. She has to help him right wrongs until he 's liberated from limbo.

Trying to help Spencer get an authentic-sounding scream to use in one of his movies, Billy scares Mallory so badly that she decides to move far away. S1 E1. Randy must stop the Ninja's enemy running amok. Viceroy creates a Robo-Rhino that makes the gang confront what scares them most. S1 Ep When Randy inadvertently mind-wipes himself and develops amnesia, Howard must fill in as the Ninja until Randy can get his memory back. Boyster Boyster Season 1. When the mayor takes Shelby's favorite TV show off air, Shelby confronts him. Boyster wants to bake a cake and calls on Rafik's granny, Petula, to help.

Eugene is worried when Boyster is followed by a mysterious figure. When Boyster comes face to face with a group of mutant sea creatures, he discovers they need his help. Counterfeit Cat Counterfeit Cat Season 1. Max gives Gark the seemingly impossible task of moving the moon but the unexpected results attracts the attention of a mysterious alien being. Max tells how he and Gark became famous.

Max loses his favourite toy leading to him and Gark being engulfed in a rip in space time. S1 Ep1. Randy accidentally sends Howard on a quest for the final Sorcerer's Ball. Randy and Howard plan to buy an exotic candy, but end up with an ancient idol, a sorcerer's ball and big trouble. S2 Ep After discovering his family is moving because Norrisville is getting too dangerous, Randy decides he must defeat Cyborg Julian and make his town safe so that his parents will change their mind.

Shelby is addicted to his smartphone but won't admit it. Can Boyster find a cure? Boyster may need to live in the sea if they can't find out why Eugene is scratching. Boyster decides to sneak into the very scary Mr. Pluss's house and steal the answers to a test. Boyster dresses as an alien to cheer up his sci-fi mad friend Arthur.

Max panics when he realizes he's already lost six of his nine lives! Max and Gark harness Gark's laser-toasting powers to make the most delicious bread crumbs in the world. Betty is taking a vacation and is leaving Max and Gark with her cat-obsessed daughter. Max is pumped for Sportsbowl Sunday. Howard suddenly becomes evil. Can Randy get him back to normal? Randy's reaction to a fan opens him up to attack.

Furiki Wheels Furiki Wheels Season 1. Andre hatches a plot to steal a famous car. Can Andre and Gordon appease Muriel to retrieve their cars? Andre accidentally steals Wheeloville's first ever car. Andre accidentally signs up for synchronised driving. Lab Rats Lab Rats Season 4.

Douglas reveals an ex-colleague is a movie director who wants to make a movie about the Lab Rats. But when she shows up to do research, her evil agenda unfolds. S4 Ep The boys are on a mission to make Mum's birthday the best ever. So is Candace, but her plans go wrong. Isabella's dog eats her sash, so the boys shrink themselves so they can retrieve it. But Candace eats the sandwich containing them. There's a fashion show at the mall, so the boys become fashion designers, helped by Isabella and the girls, who want to get their sewing badges. Isabella has her tonsils out and is allowed to eat lots of ice cream, so the boys make her the biggest sundae ever.

Supa Strikas Supa Strikas Season 1. But Shakes gets some training from Riano's old Coach, Golare, which turns out to be less than helpful. Big Bo helps local prisoners by training their soccer team. But Knuckles, a nasty convict, looks just like the great goalkeeper and switches places with Big Bo. Candace worries about her driving test. The boys build a monster truck. Grandpa takes the boys camping and tells them about Badbeard the pirate. The boys decide on a great present for mum and dad's wedding anniversary - they'll persuade their parents' favourite rock band to get back together.

Spider-Man must find a way to stop Hobgoblin - who is completely bent on destroying him, whatever it takes. Candace and Stacey win a day with a girl band but it's a disaster. The Gang discovers Gramps was a daredevil motorcyclist and rebuilds a famous stunt. At Last. Candace's dream comes true when Mum finally comes home. Phineas and Ferb are shipped off to military school. But she's surprised to discover she misses them. And is it a dream after all?

Star wants to get the best hot dogs in the universe. Star must try to get Glossaryk out of a doughnut box. S2 Ep7. Star is elected Mayor of Detention and must help the others with their problems. S2 Ep8. Lab Rats Lab Rats Season 2. Sick of constantly working without time off, the Rats go on strike in an attempt to get what they want, even though Davenport has a big presentation to NASA coming up.

Davenport creates an invention that accidentally transports Leo to a parallel Universe, where he has bionic powers. Supa Strikas Supa Strikas Season 4. Supa Strikas' unusual preparation for Iron Tank is rudely interrupted when a submarine breaks through the surface of the iceberg on which they are training. And it turns out the crew wants to steal their high-tech practice ball. S4 Ep2. Shakes must face all his rivals in a mysterious, invitation-only tournament on a private island. It's a testing time, with booby-trapped jungle gauntlets and a volcano-top pitch!

S4 Ep3. They soon find themselves serving some familiar looking super villains. Star accidentally turns Miss Skullnick into a troll and must work out how to get her back. Star hears the football team is going to get slaughtered and misunderstands. Marco hurts his arm before a tournament so Star tries to fix it with magic. Star is convinced exchange student Gustav has an evil motive for returning. The boys find a frozen caveman in a glacier and defrost him. The boys help Buford the bully find his goldfish using a submarine. The mini golf course is being shut so the boys build their own.

After the boys build a teleporting device Candice's body is accidentally switched with Perry's. The academy students suddenly vanish after receiving an operating system upgrade. The bionic heroes put their lives at risk when they face off against the vanished students' captors - a nefarious duo that they recognize. Richardson Mole goads Fred into accidentally revealing Big Hero 6's secret identities and then blackmails his way into the team, becoming its seventh member.

Hiro proposes fixing a failed Krei Tech prototype for an energy amplifier as his first semester project, but Professor Granville rejects his idea because it's too dangerous. Supa Strikas Supa Strikas Season 2. Supa Strikas are to play the notorious Iron Tank at their stadium high in the Alps, where they remain unbeaten.

Shakes and North Shaw struggle to acclimatise. The Blok speaks only his native Brislovian. Evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, unnerves him by recruiting his brother, Attak. But Vern invents a collar that allows Attak on-the-spot language translation! When Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider and gets spider powers, Spider-Man must teach him the responsibilities of being a superhero. Kraven the Hunter does a live broadcast of his hunt for Spider-Man.

Spidey and Kid Arachnid have to defeat the villain before he can deliver them to Norman Osborn. Go Go can't sleep because of Honey Lemon's snoring and enlists the rest of the team to help her try and get Honey Lemon to stop. Lab Rats Lab Rats Season 1. Leo tries to help Davenport's annual fund- raising video conference by fixing a malfunctioning exo-skeleton suit. But it runs amok, convincing Grandma the house isn't safe.

It's Leo's birthday. The Lab Rats have never had a party of their own so they decide to throw a surprise one for Leo. Trouble is, they get so involved with the arrangements they forget to ask Leo! S1 E Ducktales Ducktales Season 2. The kids must stop Scrooge's unhealthy obsession with a few missing coins to keep him from becoming the next Glomgold.. Tom snubs Star at the Silver Bell Ball. Star meets a relative. S3 Ep2. Star and Tom's friendship is put to the test when Tom decides to get rid of his demons! We check in on our characters in Echo Creek.

S3 Ep7. Wasabi needs a little extra cash and signs up to be a super driver, but his clientele all end up being some of San Fransokyo's most wanted! Andre and Chobado steal Gordon's peanut oil tanker. Andre relieves Mouki, only to create total chaos. When Spencer shoots a Jaws-style movie in his pool, Billy's ectoplasm turns the film's harmless goldfish star into a fearsome aquatic monster.

Spencer's sister, Jessica develops a crush on Kleet, the bully sees an opportunity to spend time at Spencer's house tormenting him. Ponzi finds a "no weirdos" rule in the school handbook so invites himself to the Wright home to get the evidence he needs to kick Spencer out of school.

S1 E3. Gigantosaurus Gigantosaurus Season 1. Mazu must do the impossible to protect a helpless dragonfly from raptors. Rocky suppresses his tough side and learns to be gentle with an egg he's found. Something smells fishy when Catboy receives a scooter as a gift from an unknown aunt.

Gekko doesn't want to admit he needs help underwater trying to fight Romeo's Roboctopus, but in the end he has to tell Catboy and Owlette in order to stop Romeo's evil plan to rule the world. The PJ Masks will have to work together as a team and unify their powers to stop Romeo. Paprika Paprika Season 1. Both Olivia and Stan realize that Stan can't keep a secret. Olivia offers to help her brother, and gives him advice. Zou Zou Season 3.

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Zou researches into yawns for a school project but no-one is tired and yawns are thin on the ground. When he does find one he discovers that yawning is contagious! Zou offers to look after the shop so Mr. Zoey and Zak can go on holiday. Everything's fine until Grandpa's phone goes missing!

Henry Hugglemonster Henry Hugglemonster Season 1. Welcome to the world of Henry Hugglemonster! Henry lives in the monstery town of Roarsville with his loving and rambunctious monster family! Henry is your guide to school life, monster-style. And this exuberant monster likes to tell it like it is! Henry Hugglemonster Henry Hugglemonster Season 2. Henry helps Cobby build his Copytron, then uses it to create three Henrys when he needs to be in three places at once - with chaotic results.

He learns an important lesson. Stan and Olivia spend the day at Magma's while their parents are away. They've got loads of fun activities planned, but Magma isn't interested in any of them. When the twins find out that Podium dreams of being stronger than Magma, they tell a little lie to take advantage of his services. Uncle Zavier is holding an exhibition.. When one of Zou's paintings blows away, Zavier discovers it - and hails it as a masterpiece! Zou is delighted to find it the centrepiece of the exhibition.

Zou Zou Season 2. This animated series teaches young viewers valuable lessons about growing up and family, with the help of a delightful five year old zebra called Zou. Zou and Zak help the family with chores which prove surprisingly helpful as training for a forthcoming beach volleyball game. Stan and Olivia make Bigfoot angry without meaning to. But Bigfoot has never been angry before, and doesn't understand what's happening to him.

The twins try to help him. Stan encourages his friends to throw away things they don't need anymore, and dresses up as a big friendly bin. He discovers that you can become attached to things. Henry's scout troop is on a Wilderness Quest and must choose a new leader. Bad boy Roddy nominates himself. Can Henry help him prove he's up to the job? Stan and Olivia play choo-choo train with Bigfoot, but they can't settle on the right place, and the train takes a while to leave. While the Wolfies run amok, Gekko doubts he has what it takes to be good while Kevin isn't sure he wants to be mean.

The Wolfies get into the HQ and transform it into their den! Rip tries to gather feathers from Owlette's wings to let the Wolfies fly. Mazu may be a slow runner but is a quick thinker. The Pom-Pom Problem. Cheerleader Roxy visits Minnie's Bowtique with a problem. She's lost her pom-poms. Minnie comes to the rescue, making some more in time for her to take part in the parade. When floodwaters threaten the Pridelands, Kion learns that the fast solution to a problem is not always the best solution.

Their most important client is the perennial champion, Champ, but he Happy Helpers accidentally shave him hairless! Romeo's Robot is digging the moon to grab a giant Lunar Crystal. Vampirina Vampirina Season 2. Vampirina decides to run for class president. Poppy wants a pet bunny, but first she has to show her mum she's ready to have a pet by looking after Wolfie. When Marabelle goes Missing, Nancy becomes a sleuth to find out who took her.

The Lion Guard worries that Fuli spends too much time on her own, so they start including her in their own family activities, which leads to repeated comic disaster. When Elena and her friends are stranded at sea, an enchanted ship rescues them. Sofia helps Clover plant a garden, but he has a hard time sharing with his friends. Fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in their neighborhood and around the globe. Freddy has to scare Pip.

Pip and Freddy race a drone. Welcome To McStuffinsville Welcome To McStuffinsville Doc and the toys get a big surprise when Grandma takes them to McStuffinsville, a town made up entirely of toys, and Doc is put in charge of the town's hospital. Sofia's amulet summons her to rescue a princess in need who turns out to be her former foe, Princess Ivy.

When Amber, Sofia and Miranda take a sailing trip to see a Meteor Shower, they end up being kidnapped by pirates. The arrival of the Queen Mum makes everyone question who is next in line to become King or Queen. Chaos ensues as Amber and James try to prove who will be the best. Sofia must unravel the mystery of a missing Protector and an underwater Sea Twister. Sofia must decide what school is right for her. James fears he may not be talented enough to make it as a knight.

Follow Fancy Nancy Clancy on her adventures with family and friends, as she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary, and - with a little imagination- transforms the plain into the exquisite. Bill accidentally changes Cretacia's ecosystem when he eats too many rare swamp flowers. Dilo pulls pranks on the dinos! Things get complicated in London when the Queen's stolen ruby ends up in Mickey's roadster.

At night normal kids Connor, Greg and Amaya don their pyjamas, activate their bracelets and gain super powers, becoming superheroes Catboy, Gekko and Owlette, ready to fight evil. Bob wants a seat at the theatre to see his favourite play, so the Pugs push his office chair with Hissy asleep on it all the way there. Elena takes up fencing, with Gabe acting as her coach, but finds out Francisco has told Gabe to let her win.

Determined to prove she's really good at fencing, Elena enters the annual fencing tournament in disguise. Sofia's class goes on a father-daughter trip to the Enchanted Animal Park but Sofia wonders if she truly belongs since Roland is only her step-dad. Romeo creates a space laser to carve his face into the moon. PJ Masks try to prevent Luna Girl improving her powers. Catboy and Gekko are imprisoned and need Gekko's help. Fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in their neighbourhood and around the globe.

Now, these two high schoolers and new brothers have to learn how to get through the challenges every teenager faces and learn to live with each other. And whether they're getting along or getting in trouble, audiences just can't get enough. Victorious Victorious Chaos is coming to Tori Vega's life. The 16 year old is starting at a new high school; but not just any school.

This is Hollywood Arts, a performing arts school where crazy talented students learn how to become real artists.. Until now, Tori didn't think she had much talent of her own, and was content to live in the shadow of her older sister, Trina. Now, that's all about to change But Hollywood Arts is still a high school, and Tori is still the new kid. She'll have to find new friends, do homework, and just try to fit in. Will Tori grab a starring role in her new life?

The Haunted Hathaways The Haunted Hathaways Michelle Hathaway and her two daughters, Taylor and Frankie, move to New Orleans and discover that their new house is already occupied by a dad and his sons These two families, literally from different worlds, will attempt to live together without driving each other crazy. The Thundermans The Thundermans Phoebe and Max Thunderman are year-old twins who share a house, a school, a birthday, and a set of superpowers courtesy of their super-powered parents.

Yet somehow, in the cosmic game of genetic roulette, Phoebe popped out of the womb good, while Max came out evil. Hunter Street Hunter Street Hunter Street follows the comedic adventures of five foster kids on the quest of their lives. When the wealthy Erik and Kate Hunter mysteriously disappear, it's up to their foster children to find out what happened. Worried they'll be split up, these resourceful siblings embark on a wild, fun ride to unravel the mystery and keep up appearances - all while fighting off the Hunter's greedy and duplicitous heirs.

Big Time Rush Big Time Rush Big Time Rush is a series about friendship and brotherhood that chronicles the finding, making and breaking - of a potential chart-topping music group. Each of the guys brings something different to the group as they figure out their place in the crazy business of music and entertainment. Life in the business is not easy and their antics often get them in trouble with the record label. From falling for the same girl to redecorating their apartment at the Palm Woods to misbehaving with a new school teacher at the recording studio - the group learns that success comes with hard work and dedication - and the support of one another.

Only kids are brave and open-minded enough to be members of this organisation - whose mission is to keep the world's monster population in check. It is a comedic sci-fi thriller, with a healthy balance of laughs, adventure and thrills! Bubble Guppies Bubble Guppies Bubble Guppies is an adorable educational program for pre-schoolers and their families. Kids will laugh and learn along with the lovable Bubble Guppies, who help prepare their young viewers for an enriching pre-school or kindergarten experience.

The Wonder Pets! Three courageous superheroes who travel the world using teamwork to help save young animals in distress. So each episode he has a friendly chat with whatever he meets - Hello Whale, How do you stay under water for so long? No matter what Henry meets, they're always delighted to talk, laugh and share their amazing world with him.

He finds out so many amazing things about his new friends, he lets his imagination run wild and imagines himself She loves helping her Wagtail neighbors. Kiva Can Do Kiva Can Do Kiva is a seven-year-old girl who knows how to make her own fun and whose imagination knows no bounds. Along with her best friend, Saul Dunne and her dog Angus, Kiva can create absolutely anything and go absolutely anywhere.

Whatever she can dream - Kiva Can Do! Shimmer and Shine Shimmer and Shine Shimmer and Shine is an animated comedy preschool series featuring the madcap, magical adventures of genie-in-training twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend, Leah. In Season 2, Leah travels to Zahramay Falls, a fantastical genie land that is home to her two best friends, Shimmer and Shine.

Leah joins the twins on their genie-in-training adventures in a world filled with magic. I have been a Yoga and Meditation instructor for over 20 years as well as a tarot card reader and an empath. Most of the work I do focuses on regaining personal power and creating resilience after grief or trauma.

Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Feb Channel youtube. Views Count- 17,, Video Count - He is naturally empathic and clairsentient. He use these skills to enhance readings and to provide the best guidance possible. Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Sep Channel youtube. Views Count- 10,, Now I will read for the 12 zodiac signs. I also offer private readings. The tarot is very accurate and I always ask that people come to the reading with an open mind. I don't think I'm God or some messiah. I read what the cards tell me and some people are not prepared to hear the truth.

I do get some good outcomes but, keep in mind, if you come to me, something must be happening Frequency about 17 videos per week Since Sep Channel youtube. Views Count- 47,, Video Count - 2, United States About Youtuber In accordance with the law in several countries we must point out that all tarot readings given here are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. Frequency about 84 videos per week Since Nov Channel youtube. Views Count- ,, Video Count - 7, About Youtuber Queen Of Cups Tarot channel is about monthly tarot reading and love reading of all the zodiac signs.

Frequency about 8 videos per week Since Jun Channel youtube. Views Count- 12,, Also keep in mind that if readings do not resonate to check your moon and Rising signs link provided below. Frequency about 14 videos per week Since May Channel youtube. Views Count- , About Youtuber I'm Sarah and I'm an intuitive healer, guide, and tarot interpreter.

It's all about the love on this channel. I do monthly tarot readings for all twelve signs, along with easy-to-follow meditation practices so that you can live a meaningful and love-filled life today! Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Oct Channel youtube. About Youtuber My name is Joanna.

I am a regular person with normal joys and challenges of life, the only thing that might be a little different is that I hear, see and feel Spirit. Frequency about 2 videos per week Since Mar Channel youtube. Views Count- 8,, About Youtuber Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm an empath and intuitive tarot card reader. There is a difference between being psychic, and having the ability to use my intuition and tell your story through the energy of the tarot. I am not a psychic. Let me share my knowledge and gift of intuition to help you through your challenges. Frequency about 9 videos per week Since May Channel youtube.

Views Count- 7,, About Youtuber I have also been a writer with published articles in the most popular woman magazine in my country and I had a radio show about Tarot on 4 different stations replying to questions from our listeners. I have been giving lectures about Tarot and Spirituality in my country and now I started a YouTube Channel to reach an even broader audience.

Frequency about 34 videos per week Since Feb Channel youtube. Views Count- 20,, Video Count - 4, About Youtuber One of the best youtube channel for everything related to tarot card reading. Frequency about 4 videos per week Since Apr Channel youtube. Frequency about 15 videos per week Since Sep Channel youtube. Views Count- 16,, United Kingdom About Youtuber I am a world wide Tarot reader with psychic ability, with over 15 years Experience, I offer free monthly tarot readings for everyone.

Frequency about 21 videos per week Since Mar Channel youtube. Video Count - 1, Frequency about 9 videos per week Since Jun Channel youtube. Views Count- 4,, Follow this channel for for a daily guidance of Oracle Reading. Frequency about 6 videos per week Since Jul Channel youtube.

Views Count- 9,, About Youtuber Tilly's readings are inspired by use of the Tarot. She connects with my spirit guides and angels to contact your spirit guides and angels to gain divine wisdom on your personal path forward through all arenas of life.

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Frequency about 9 videos per week Since Dec Channel youtube. About Youtuber Thank you for stopping by. I'm grateful for this opportunity to impart guidance, healing and fun at the same time to all of you who desire one!