Gemini lunar horoscope

When the Moon is moving through Gemini, regardless of how we normally feel, we may be a little bit more scattered during this time.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Every separate event seems like the most significant one, yet each one takes its turn in the spotlight and then quickly fades away. The New Moon is always a cosmic turning point when we say goodbye to one cycle and hello to the next one. At the end of every spring, around May, the Sun and the Moon will both be in the sign of Gemini, making it a New Moon. This is the time to plant those metaphoric seeds. Geminis can feel restless with plans that are too concrete, and have trouble following through. This makes it an ideal time to start something new that will allow you room to explore as it takes shape.

Six months later, at the end of autumn, the Sun will be in Sagittarius while the Moon is in Gemini. If you are Leo rising, this is your one and only full Moon in your sign during Be sure to use this window in time to begin something very personal. Schedule a reading with Pamela to find out how this new Moon and other planetary movements will influence you through the end of the year! For all other rising signs, the house that Leo represents in your birth chart does connect to a very specific area of your life. Don't miss your horoscope with all the details.

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New Moon Horoscopes by Rising Sign Newsletter subscribers are the first to have access to the new Moon forecast and horoscopes. Read your new Moon horoscope here! Magha is not a particularly good nakshatra for new Moon beginnings, however, if we heed the wisdom of our ancestors, it can be supportive for some new beginnings that do not include major life changes such as forming a new business or buying a home, etc.

If practical, wait until August 31, after am PDT for important new beginnings. You can set your intentions during the new Moon, just start your beginnings on August I honor the elderly by respecting them as we will want to be respected when we are elderly.

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My reading availability hours now through the end of September are significantly reduced - I must focus much of my time and attention on an exciting astrology related project! I will have much more news on this project to share with you all in a few months. Please schedule your readings with me in advance to secure your reading time.

Moon in Gemini: Characteristics and Traits

If you have a pressing matter and need to schedule a reading outside my limited schedule for the next month -- please send me an email at pamelamdonough comcast. It is important to me to remain accessible and available to you during this time. For anyone who is new to my new and full Moon forecasts and other articles -- my forecasts are created using the sidereal zodiac calculations. Hello everyone! And two weeks later, on Jul.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Given that it's summertime and all, I'd love to tell you this is going to be a fun, light, party-time type of full moon — but I can't. It's likely to be intense. Not only will we be dealing with the chaotic energy of literally five retrograde planets , but we're also left to balance the often-chaotic eclipse energy. Eclipses are about fate — July's luminaries are not ideal for manifesting, doing magic work, or starting brand new things.

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Instead, the universe is pouring some truths down on us and helping to show us our path. Submit to the ride and allow yourself to open up to these things — even if they're difficult or not what you had in mind.

Sun in Libra Horoscopes

This moon is also likely to make us feel extra edgy and dark given a close conjunction with planet Pluto which, I'll note, is also currently retrograde. But even the stormiest of clouds have a silver lining, and if we prepare ourselves for the way this moon may make us feel, perhaps we can make the most of it. This luminary will be hitting every sign's chart in a unique way, so check out how the July full moon will affect you, based on your zodiac sign.

All this transformation energy is gently or not so gently, depending on how things go nudging toward a career path that actually works for you. Keep your eyes and ears open to possibilities.