Gemini parent child compatibility

Discipline relies on a sort of "emotional blackmail": they can accept the rules if they contribute to the family's happiness.

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They are disorganized packrats: they build their shell, their self-defense system, around themselves. They can come across as shy, distrustful, or introverted. Encourage the Cancer child's imagination,while keeping an eye on their mood swings. Leo : Lioness mothers are warm and generous. They give freely, but expect a modicum of gratitude in return. They are highly proud of their children and tend to think they are the best in the world.

What they will have to do is take a step back and admit that their children can have different values or ambitions that aren't lofty as their own. The Leo child is enthusiastic, generous, and possesses an innate sense of organization. They can easily become tyrannical if their heightened need for validation isn't properly channeled.

10 things YOU need to KNOW about a GEMINI child - Hannah’s Elsewhere

Be careful with your criticism of them. Be warm and funny - they have a fragile ego. The Leo child will have to learn how to listen to reason from other people so as not to be prejudiced or bias. Encourage the Leo child's enterprising spirit,while keeping an eye on their domineering and commanding attitude. Virgo : Virgo mothers are filled with goodwill and raise their children as everyone else does: patiently, consistently.

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Be sure, however, to let affection have its place, too. Never forget that a mother's role is all about being natural and free-flowing.

How to Navigate Your Relationship With Your Mom, According to Her Sign

Don't fall into the trap of perfectionism. Let yourself make mistakes! The Virgo child is wise, proper, orderly, and disciplined. They need to be kept busy doing something useful and have a lot of practical, common sense. But, they can also be shy, lack self-confidence, and can be worriers. They're not the most imaginative and their analytical side makes them immune to risky speculation. They are attracted to systems of any sort, to the mechanical side behind things.

Encourage the Virgo child's critical thinking,while keeping an eye on their tendency to belittle themselves. Libra : Libra mothers are often the perfect housewives, welcoming others in with charm and raising their children with a great respect for others. Their main asset is their strong taste for socializing, which will bring their children into contact with all sorts of people.

Their weakness is the difficulty they have in using their authority when they need to. Compromising doesn't always work with children! The Libra child is charming, easy to please, but can be lazy and tend to continually put off decisions until later. You will have to teach them to be more decisive - they really struggle with choices. Consistently show the many solutions to a problem and train them to form a personal opinion. They are sensitive to injustice and can become totally hung up on it. They possess, too, a certain creative potential that must be encouraged.

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  • Encourage the Libra child's empathy,while keeping an eye on their frivolous side. Scorpio : Scorpio mothers are all about delicacy and finesse. They can guess things they don't know, and their instinct is way above average. They will have to be careful not to hurt their children in a fit of rage, as their critical remarks are particularly on-the-nose and can really crush some children.

    That being said, they are capable of making great sacrifice when the situation calls for it. The Scorpio child is serious and deep. When they run into a problem, they tend to sink into silence. They must be encouraged to express themselves, otherwise, they'll keep brooding and dwelling on the same injury over and over. They need to have passionate interests and need help finding hobbies. If they have an active streak, they'll be more into hard sports or swimming, rather than ping-pong, for example Encourage the Scorpio child's depth,while keeping an eye on their tendency to hold a grudge.

    Gemini has no clear idea of what qualities a child should have, they do not want to push him in a certain direction. Hence, Aquarius will be given the freedom to be himself, and this is the most important for him. These two are happy to discuss among themselves another new idea. They are able to instantly turn on their minds and at the same time are full of energy and enthusiasm. True, both jump from one thought or theme to another, but they have nothing to blame each other for - at least they do it the same way.

    Both have an abundance of emotions and do not at all tend to think logically to act sensibly. Both like to look to the future, nurturing ideas that are ahead of time. And the mother Gemini and the Aquarius child do not tolerate the ordinary, so they can easily adapt to the anarchic life style of each other, although this does not prevent them from quarreling, because they are an unpredictable couple, capable of exploding.

    Both love to do everything their own way, and everyone does not doubt that it is he who is right. He simply will not allow his freedom to be in any way detrimental. Little Aquarius, to the delight of his mother, is developing rapidly and begins to speak early. In addition, he is a very benevolent child, who is not a burden to anyone.

    Gemini Relationship

    This mother loves society and will be happy that the baby will go with her anywhere. She is not very upset that the child is sometimes somewhat alienated, because it is inherent in herself. Of course, the Gemini Mom communicates with people much more, and she has reason to teach her child not to be too gullible. As a Mother As a mother, the Gemini is soft hearted and very much attached to her children and so she won't be a strict parent at all.

    She will give her children full liberty to live their lives in their own way. She would prefer to stay close to her children as their best friend, much like the Gemini father does. She is truly devoted to her children and even if she is working, she will not ignore her children, their studies or their games and hobbies. She wants all-round development for her children. If you want some tips on how to bring up your kids, try the fully personalised Birth Chart based service Parenting Profile.

    As Children As children, the Gemini individual will be very independent, says Ganesha.

    Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Gemini Moms | LoveToKnow

    They will refuse to stay confined to one place or thing or friend. It would be very difficult for their parents to handle them as their parents are too orthodox in their thinking and not flexible enough to understand them. These children do respect and love their parents but do not want their parents to interfere in their life. They will listen to their parents, they won't rebel but will do only what they want to do, even if they have no clarity about what they want to do with their life and career.

    As a Boss As a boss, the Gemini person would be quite lenient, says Ganesha. He or she will not be a strict boss. They believe in healthy interaction between all departments and team-work, and make work as much fun and interesting as possible. They will also invest in technology to make work as easy and efficient as possible for their employees. The Gemini boss will provide all the freedom to their juniors, but will strictly ask for good work and perfection.

    Facing problems with your boss? Check out the fully personalised Birth Chart based report Boss and You! As a Friend The Gemini make good friends as they like to keep everyone in their circle happy, and wish to be in the good books of everyone. They will win everyone's heart as they are the charm of the group and are loving at the core.

    They won't stay away from appreciating others in friendship neither they will ever stand far at the time of need. They make excellent relations and possibly would have many friends around them. Also Read Gemini Love. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. Sagittarius Horoscope.