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Luckily, not at all — these are two charismatic souls, yet, but also very romantic ones. The logical, rational side these people have helps keep their feet on the ground and their heads in the game. However, darker sides of the Libra psyche — indecisiveness, gossiping, self-sacrificing to excess — can also create twice as many issues if left unchecked. Although the basics of Libra and Libra dating have been touched on, the role of each gender in the relationship adds a little nuance to how these star signs interact.

She has a wonderful eye for aesthetics, and enjoys small ways of pampering herself and being her best. Naturally, romance helps a lot too, and is wonderfully fulfilling to her. The Libra woman will give of herself ten times over in love, so is often taken advantage of in her younger years for her generosity and warmth of spirit.

Luckily, the Libra man is a consummate gentleman, and as soon as the two meet, they begin their delicate dance about one another. As the relationship gets going though, the passive ways of one Libra might start to affect the other. When choosing where to go on a date, for instance, the caring Libra man might ask where the Libra woman wants to go.

One thing to keep in mind is that Libra women have a natural way of coming off as flirtatious, and this might well cause issues for the Libra man. From the perspective of the Libra man, the prospect of a relationship with the Libra woman is an exciting one. He sees in her a kindred spirit, but also a beautiful soul that he wants to nurture and protect. Luckily for the Libra man, he is one of the few people able to pick up on her subtleties, which are vital in the early stages of courtship. If he stays attentive and continues to invest his interest, the Libra woman will see the Libra man amply rewarded.

Fortunately, knowing how she ticks as a fellow Libra gives him a huge leap on the competition — of which there will likely be plenty. Men from throughout her social circle seem to perk up and try to put their best foot forward when the desirable Libra woman becomes single — but the Libra man knows how to play the game. The natural pace of how the Libra man woos her matches her style nicely. As the relationship matures , the partners are likely to hold one another on a pedestal, but should be careful not to let that create the chance for them to fall off it.

Pisces, One With Everything

Just as the Libra man covers his vulnerabilities, so too does the Libra woman conceal her imperfections. Both of these lovers will ruminate at length on the fairest and best way forward together, taking ages to reach a consensus.

Libra and Libra friendships allow two natural diplomats to unite their social graces for the betterment of all. These two will host the loveliest parties, the most delicious dinners and the most fulfilling days out, and will dote on their guests to make sure they have a good time. Similarly, Libra and Libra friends are often artistically gifted, and can create wonderful works together with complementary skills. Scales represent balance, so the dark has to come with the light — and Libra friends can sit up until the wee hours, wine in hand each, discussing what he said, she said and what that means for her next door.

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It could come as little surprise that Libra friends often end up helping one another in beautifying their homes. Fashion is another area in which Libra and Libra friends are able to point out good looking items for one another.

Gemini and Libra Relationships

Emotionally speaking, these are solid and supportive friendships too. From time to time though, the highly active social circles that each of these friends has gets a little electric. They might ping about within their respective bubbles for a time, barely having time to talk to one another, but fear not — this friendship is in it for the long term. With both partners being fond of peace and a lack of discord, as well as both being romantic and only interested in serious relationships that have longevity, marriage between Libra and Libra is often a natural progression for this partnership.

They also know that they will only be fresh and new to one another once in a lifetime, so that moment is best savoured and enjoyed. However, make no mistake — once one Libra settles on another, both are eyeing the relationship to gauge its long-term potential, and only the best will do for marriage. As the pair open up to one another, this commitment is recognised in all the seriousness it deserves.

Romance, affection, thoughtful little gestures and adorable surprises will likely continue years into the relationship too. To Libra, the spouse is their number one, and each prioritises the other — but should be careful not to idealise them too much. Children and pets often become the next phase of the marriage between Libra and Libra, although depending on their needs, the couple could just as likely see out their entire lives just with one another.

However they move forward, it will be with peace and quiet at the forefront. Of course, so keen are these Libra spouses to keep the peace that they might keep lots of things unsaid for fear of rocking the boat.

Leo Man And Libra Woman

Honesty is vital in relationships, however uncomfortable — but Libra folks hate the idea of awkward conversations about rougher, harsher topics. Nonetheless, this is a marriage that has everything it needs to go the distance. Libra and Libra married life will be one where the needs of one are amply filled by the other, but balanced with plenty of time for each partner to be themselves. There can be such a thing as too much similarity, too much civility and not enough upfront honesty — all issues that Libra and Libra relationships would be wise to watch out for.

They spoil themselves and one another — sometimes to a fault. Too many rich foods and too much laziness can be bad for their health. Those are pleasures that prove hard to resist; both enjoy reclining and munching on a stem of grapes like the Greek goddess herself! Libra is an Air Sign.

Gemini and Libra Compatibility

They prize their mental abilities almost above all else; they enjoy intellectualism and appreciate art, films and all sorts of cultural pursuits. Persuasive, courteous and diplomatic, Libras are the fair judges of the world. Two together can use their diplomacy to smooth over almost any potential conflict with honor and decency.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign, a quality that allows them to initiate new projects and motivate others. Two Libras can work very well together toward any project they set their mind to.

Libra and Libra Compatibility: An Idealist Romance? ⋆ Astromatcha

Their incredible sense of diplomacy, kindness and shared respect for one another. Their commitment is likely to be great and solid. What's in your future? Ask a psychic now. Find out how the planets' positions at your precise birth day, time, and place influence your personality and life circumstances.

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