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IT is a step on the way to wholeness. And we humans learn that by meeting people, on which we can project all that is hidden and suppressed; they make us aware of it, so we can reintegrate it and finally return home into our own soul. JEsus, what is wrong with me today? HOwever, I think this is how antiscion work, on a deeply spiritual, yet very real and physical level.

Paul Newman And Joanne Woodward Were Married For 50 Years, And Their Love Story Is Simply Beautiful

There are people who would see the contrascion as an opposition, but I do not make a difference here. And if you change the place of the mirror, suddenly the antiscion will transform itself to the contrascion. Like Ascions over Cancer - Cappy reflecting more something parental, while Aries-Libra are more equally relationship oriented. But since you will always get the same point, either as antiscion or as contrascion, I would treat them the same. Taurus: ant.

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Leo, cont. Aquarius Gemini: ant. Cancer, cont. Capricorn Cancer: ant. Gemini, cont. Sagittarius Leo: ant. Taurus, cont. Scorpio Virgo: ant. Aries; cont. Libra Libra: ant. Pisces, cont. Virgo Scorpio: ant.

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Aquarius, cont Leo Sagittarius: ant. Capricorn, cont. Cancer Capricorn: ant. Sagittarius, cont. Gemini Aquarius: ant. Scorpio, cont. Taurus Pisces: ant. Libra, cont. Aries You also have to remember a "speciality" in the calculation. Example: Sun: 26 Sagittarius We know that Sagittarius has its antiscion in Capricorn, so the mirrordegree is definitely in Capricorn. You can think of it like that. So the mirror degree will be exactly equidistant from the mirror, just from the other side - the Capricorn side. Now we can handle it in an easier way, if we keep in mind: The Antiscion of Aries is always in Virgo.

EDIT: Oh yes, nearly forgot: the orb should be very tight, best exact. And of course exact mirror degrees will be very strong. Ok, I am only a third of the way through what you said. At first I thought you were drawing a line across and then moving back 30 degrees so I took some time to try to sink that in and visualize it So, I'll have to read the rest of what you said a little later when I get more time and then try again to see if I can get it from the rest of what you wrote! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! My moon is at 17 degree Cap I already feared I might have written too much and too confusing.

That was fantastic explanation. I do believe in love Asteroids, but not in all. Who is going to study all Asteroids? Buena IP: Logged. Personally I have found several of them being accurate in very specific situations, BUT some of them seem to be valid for a broader spectre, and I agree, I would definitely count Karma, Eros or Juno here, as well as Psyche, even though Psyche is very subtle, that it sometimes might not become very obvious.

It also depends on the chart. For example I have an exact Isis and Osiris-conjunction on my Venus - for me Isis and Osiris placements seem to be valid. So I guess, there are some basic asteroids which work for all of us, and some, who may work only in specific circumstances. But as I said, everyone one has to make that decision on their own. What I think works in all circumstances are house ruler aspects. I have seen them come up far too often to dismiss them.

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I think I understand now and I am going to try some numbers later and see if I get them right. I followed your 10 degree Aries and understood it, so I am going to try the short cut too and see if I can wrap my mind around it so I won't forget. I want to tell you thank you for your story. I haven't read any of your stories before so I didn't completely understand but you told enough so that I understand a little and the things you said helped me in the LL way toward my own questions of the moment. The degree you gave in Gemini the contra seems to be on a guy's Mars that I like too much. I'd be interested in reading the story of when you met your crush.

And what is the difference between anti and contra And you said they are like puzzle pieces and complete us in some way, but don't all aspects when we learn from them? What distinction am I missing? You said he completed your heart some how The second time happened 1,5 years ago.

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I was visiting a concert of another musical-singer, and I was a bit early, so I sat down and read a little bit while waiting, cause I was on my own I was reading an astrology book btw , and then I suddenly felt that my skin started to tingle real bad. So I looked up and he stood just a few metres away from me and looked at me.

I was completely shocked! Someone started talking to him then and I actually left the hall to get some fresh air again, and somehow calm down. While some other different types of alignments of planets were viewed to be signs that troublesome things were about to occur. The Hebrew Prophets formulated a brilliant way of distinguishing the good signs from the bad ones. Amazingly, they were so right that their methods still work today.

Planetary Geometry is the lines, shape, or pattern that is formed when lines are drawn to connect the positions of the planets in the sky. The most famous example of Planetary Geometry is that of the Star of David.

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  4. The Hebrew Prophets believed that when their great king David was born, the planets were aligned to form the special symmetrical shape like the one in the above chart. To the Hebrew Prophets, that alignment of planets was God's sign that something historically great was about to happen and they believed that a great king was going to be born to the Hebrews. That special symmetrical alignment of planets is now the symbol known as the Star of David.

    An indication that this symbol was astrologically derived is the fact they still call it the "star" of David. As you can easily see from the above figure, the Star of David has two symmetrical triangles and can be formed in the sky by six planets. Besides being an example of a Star of David, the above drawing is also an example of an astrological chart that is drawn to show the actual positions of the planets relative to each other. This type of astrological chart is designed to be a map of the sky. Astrologers invented this way of drawing such a map about years ago.

    In such a chart map the circle has degrees and it represents the sky.

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    The sky circle is divided into 12 signs, with each sign encompassing 30 degrees. As the planets move across the sky, their positions are marked along the circumference of the circle.

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    Astrologers created different symbols to represent each planet and constellation and drew the symbols around the circumference of the circle. They also added the actual number for the degrees of the positions of the planets. The reason astrologers designed the above chart in this way is so that they could easily tell from looking at the chart whether or not any planets made Magical Angles or Turbulent Angles.

    A Magical Angle is formed whenever two planets were aligned in the sky such that the pair creates one side of one of the triangles that form the Star of David. This means that whenever two planets are about degrees apart in the sky, the planets make a Magical Angle and the Hebrew Prophets regarded this special angle of alignment of two planets as being a sign of something powerful.

    How right they were! Such alignments are very powerful and this fact is a very useful part of our astrological knowledge. In fact, we can use Magical Angles to help us understand why two people fall in love. And the race car driving! Talk about living the life you want.

    A cool Aquarius born Jan. The combo showed up in his childhood — his father owned a successful sporting Jupiter goods store Cap and in his movies — ones about the legal system Jupiter like The Verdict and ones about racing Mercury like Winning , which prompted Newman to take up the sport in real life. The Cap lineup opposed Pluto in Cancer in the seventh house of relationships. Here was a very intense guy who forged lasting alliances with both business and romantic partners. Meanwhile, her Aquarius Moon was on his Sun.

    When I was reading an article about Newman in the September Vanity Fair, I was struck by his description of his relationship with Woodward. But when she tells me what she instinctively feels [Pisces], I pay very close attention. The amazing synastry between Newman and Woodward prompted many astrologers to write journal articles and give conference presentations on Newman and Woodward.

    Synastry is astrologese for compatibility.