Dhiru ambani horoscope

Venus gives him a good dressing sense as well as articulate and refined speech and demeanor.

Mercury gives him analytical and communication skills. All-in-all he is a visionary and entrepreneur due to the blessings of positive aspects on ascendant as well as placement of Rahu. Mukesh Ambani is a businessman like no other in India. He has carried on the glorious legacy of his father forward with foray into communication, sports as well as television sector. He has multiplied the inheritance left behind by his father multi-folds.

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That is entirely due to a very, very strong seventh house which rules business. His eleventh house is extremely strong with Jupiter placed in it and lord of eleventh house being exalted in seventh house which gives him a abnormal income via doing business. His stock portfolios have the benefic aspects of Jupiter from eleventh house so even his stocks valuation should be extra-ordinary. Ambani is son of late Shree Dhirubhai Ambani. He had received a handsome inheritance. Ninth house rules over family legacy. Ninth house lord Mercury is in seventh house of business for Mr.

Mukesh Ambani.

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  • That is one of the prime reasons that Mr. Mukesh Ambani was able to continue most of his father's legacy like business of petroleum and oil refineries. Nita Ambani is a smart, beautiful and talented.

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    She is a philanthropist and has played a great part in success of sports franchise Mumbai Indians and also a football team which was purchased by Mr. Ninth house rules over fortune while eleventh house rules over income. Both Ninth house and eleventh house lord are in seventh house for Mr. Its safe to say Mr. Mukesh Ambani's fortune and income increased after arrival of Ms.

    Nita Ambani in his life.

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    Yes Mr. Mukesh Ambani has decent fourth house with friendly aspects of Saturn and Mars. But looking at condition of fourth house for Mr. Reminder Successfully Set! Next Story: My aspirations at The private life of Nita Ambani My aspirations at Select a City Close.

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    Horoscope of Mukesh Ambani

    Does coffee actually dehydrate you? Weight loss story: This girl lost 15 kilos by working out at home. Here is what she did. Weight loss: How much weight can you gain after a day of overeating? Want to attempt a headstand? Let Malaika Arora teach you! There is no planet between moon In the 12 th or 1 st house which as per classical text is not a good sign for riches. This rule needs to be tested again and again through analyzing birth charts of highly successful people.

    Sun is also in its enemy sign. Venus is the lord of 5 th house and 10 th house and is placed with the 4 th lord and 11 th lord in cancer, sign of moon. What does it tell? It tells about a superb wealth-creating yoga as the lord of his career and gain are together in a business house. Venus is the lord of 10 th house and 5 th house indicates his interest in cinema or film or entertainment related businesses.

    Mars being the lord of 4 th house estate, infrastructure, and vehicle and also networking, gain 11 th tells about his gains through infrastructure and entertainment business. Jupiter is in the Arudha Lagna, He must be perceived by his colleagues, sub-ordinates and general masses as a man of wisdom, a guru figure. Remember Saturn is both Lagna as well as 2 nd lord two very important houses. Mercury — Signifies everything related to communications, I can relate here with general trade and Reliance communications.

    Mukesh Ambani Horoscope

    Now HL falls in Libra and interestingly all the three planets sun, moon and mercury aspects the HL and aspect the Lagna which signifies the he makes profit out of power, infra and communications. A major chuck of the profit from these ventures must be coming solely to him. HL tells about the interest areas where a person actually puts efforts.

    HL lord and 7 th lord from HL are Venus and Mars have no aspect to the Lagna hence it may be possible that entertainment business. It has aspect of Rahu, ketu and Saturn.